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Windows 8.1 Group Policy.

Dear All,
I am working with AD 2003 , recently windows 8.1 clients have been added to this 2003 domain.
I need to use Group Policy on these windows 8.1 clients.
the Group Policy management include few settings...I tried to anstall windows 8 admx on the client but it didnt work.

I need to know what shoudl I do to be able to use the Group Policy object?

I am currntly in need to prvent any user (exept administrator) to use remote desktop connection on this windows 8.1 (i dont to prevent users to connet to any other PCs)

thanks for help
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I already did that....i attached some screenshots of how the Group Policy looks like...check under administrative templates...i cant find all settings
Are all the required ADMX files copied to the Central Store ok including the Language files?
The central store is store in the PolicyDefinitions folder of the policies folder on your SYSVOL folder on the DCs.
You don't need a central store. Stop setting it up, unneeded effort. RSAT should show "ADMX files retrieved from the local computer".
I didnt get your point...shoudl i put them to the Central store or not?
Nothing retrieved from local computer....although i downloaded and installed admx files or windows 8.1
Please check the previous ttached screenshot....this  is only what i got
You can undo the configuration for the central store - then the local admx files of 8.1 will be used.
How i can do this??
Is there a specific path i should put the admx files on it
Did you configure a central store? It seems so. Undo that. Then, nothing else needs to be done, RSAT will use win8.1's admx files automaticaly. That's what I am rying to say.
I didnt configure any central store.
i installed the admx files locally..
still he group policy management display the basic settings only
Windows 2003 will no longer be supported, please follow this link to upgrade your domain to 2012R2.

You will be amazed at how many issues just go away.
Where are you running the GPMC console from? You will need to run it from the Windows 8.1 machine to see all the settings.

Also, I would seriously consider replacing the Win 2003 machine with a 2012 server.
You don't need to copy those files to the server, that's what I am telling you all the time.
I would suggest the central store way.. and use:

As a reference..
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The other question is about specific group policy settings not as this one.
This one is solved and i will close it
the suggested solutions gave me idea, but i kept searching till if found the trick by myself