Overexposed video

I recorded by mistake the first 20min overexposed of a video.
Here is a part of it:
I tried to correct it with white, contrast, hue, gamma, color balance using Corel Video Studio Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.
I did not have too much success.
Any other suggestions, tutorials, how to solve the problem?
LVL 21
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andreasSystem AdminCommented:
You cant do very much about it. If the sensor was maxed out some information wasnt recorded and it just became white. Even with some manipulation tools you cant change that much. You can make the white more dark, but you cant recover much information.

If it were underexposed it might be better (depends on situation) as there may still be slight differences in the brightness that cant just be seen. So a histogram stretch and some brightness correction could have improved the image quality.

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Agree with andreas, this is cant do sorry..
I contributed in another question similar to this, and fixed it using Cyberlink power director.
Here you can see the improvement from too dark to lighter, you can also adjust light to dark so long as certain conditions in the video are there.
 Included is how to use VLC. Try altering it in VLC
viki2000 you have two of the top video editors :)

I've downloaded your sample and will see if I can fix it . Be back soon.
Update, this is not fixable as the areas that are too white are so over exposed there is no lines in the over exposed area for the tool to grab to adjust colours.
Try and find a friend who went as well and get a copy from them.
I can imagine your disappointment.
if it helps
Premiere Pro CS6 Techniques: 101 Exposure & Lighting Effects
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
BTW. did you shot RAW? If yes you might try the histrogram stretch on the RAW video, if you are lucky there are still a few bits more of information in the white area as in the compressed mp4 video.

But as it seems from your sample, that the sensor was really maxed out so even in the raw material there is not much more detail to work with, but its worth a try if you have the raw file.
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To give you an example I reversed the colour in the video, negative to see if there was anything I could grab, there is a person second row from the front leftside and rightside that is recording it on an camera and Tablet :)
no artefacts to grabThe floodlights have over exposed it.
viki2000Author Commented:
I was afraid about these answers, but they make sense. It is the same as increasing the resolution of the picture in the quest to catch a detail, but if the initial info is not there, then there is no chance to bring it from somewhere.
Yes, it was a second man with a digital camera at 10m of me, but I do not know him. All the other guys used not so good quality cameras; they were with mobiles and tablets.
I used my simple and old, but decent camera, not pro, but good for family events:
It records automatically directly on internal HDD in .mpg format.
What could solve this? Hindsight..not much using your current camcorder. Read the manual..
Sony Handycam DCR-SR100 - camcorder - hard disc drive
Imagine this viki2000
The type of flood lights used are flood fill so the peoples moving around is like sitting in a beam of light wearing white clothes, results invisibility.
Take our eyes when we look into bright light our pupils shrink and if we turn to a dark area we are blind for a moment  
and in darkness our eyes dilate, this is called aperture.
Your camcorder does not have aperture but doe have a night vision... it does have focus with a little lever like mine that can zoom in and out.

If you could read the manual maybe there is some settings you can adjust for this type of recording prior. Hindsight :)
According to the below
Moving into complete darkness the Super NightShot is engaged quickly, illuminating subjects using Infrared technology, producing that familiar "dull green with glowing eyes" effect. Not a bad tool to have when shooting in complete darkness, just don't use this for your next wedding video.<< could be very funny seeing eyes dancing around the dark
and since your camcorder has auto focus auto light TTL contrast detection you cannot adjust it manually.
How Phase Detection Autofocus Works

I have a same similar camera viki2000,  A JVC takes  wonderful videos but has limitation best for day use  does not have the features of yours.,http://www.productreview.com.au/p/jvc-gz-hd30-gz-hd40.html.
Now I use a Coolpix.from Nikon. the Coolpix has auto focus with different settings for point and shoot, then lens has an aperture.
Takes the best video day or night affordable and easy as.

In the old days when we had black and white TV and the host wore white it looked washed out so everyone wore light blue shirts and in B&W TV this became white that was the nature of the camera back then.

From Wiki
Aperture is the adjustment of the lens opening, measured as f-number, which controls the amount of light passing through the lens.
Aperture also has an effect on depth of field and diffraction – the higher the f-number, the smaller the opening, the less light, the greater the depth of field, and the more the diffraction blur. The focal length divided by the f-number gives the effective aperture diameter.
Metering is the measurement of exposure so that highlights and shadows are exposed according to the photographer's wishes. Many modern cameras meter and set exposure automatically.

Consider another a camera for this sort of recording.
Regards Merete
viki2000Author Commented:
"If you could read the manual maybe there is some settings you can adjust for this type of recording prior. Hindsight :)"

Of course. And I knew it.
The problem was just that I grabbed the camera and I started to record without checking if that white level was on "Manual" to the maximum. 20min later came to my mind to check while I was recording and then I changed the brightness from "Manual" to "Auto". Then everything was fine. Somebody home played with the camera, or maybe I did that setting with other occasion and I forgot. At the present shooting was no time to check all the settings of the camera and did not cross to my mind to look at least at the brightness setting, except 20 min later.
The confusion came from the lights. I was sitting near the man who took care of background music and the lights. The colors and reflections from up and down, different levels of intensity at different moments confused me, because I was not all the time with the eyes on the camera, wanting also to watch the show. Only after a while, noticing that sometimes is too much white even if the lights are dimmed it cross to my mind to look at the brightness settings. Unfortunately was 20min later. Within those 20min, some parts are still OK, but some minutes are too white to see something good.
It seems a lost battle with too white levels, similar as missing information, nothing to do about it.
Thank you for your thoughts.
Thank you viki2000, yes exactly someone else may have used the camera, I experienced that too many times so now we have own separate cameras :)
To grab a priceless shot I have my camera with me always.
Glad to know some of it was good.
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