accordion wizard for bootstrap with form and validation


Please could you advise of any examples that use an accordion wizard with a form such that each panel is validated independently rather than validating them all at the end. I am using jquery validation.

To do this would I have to have each panel as a separate form or is it possible to have just one form for the whole accordion? I have not been able to find a single example of this.

Ive seen this plugin which does what i want but the accordion wizard is nicer :) but it doesnt use jquery validation

Ive also seen this example which doesnt appear to work or have any input

Any help is much appreciated
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andiejeAuthor Commented:
But they arent using accordion wizards? I ve already seen then. I want the user to be able to jump to whatever stage in the wizard when they want. This for does not allow this.

andiejeAuthor Commented:
Unless you can put something along the top or down the side to allow user to jjump tp section?
My boss for example wold like the user to check sectin 7 and then perhaps recehckec section 2 so its not linear
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Well jumping from panel to panel will then require validation of everything again at the end to make sure each section was filled in, so I think you are just making more work for what is ultimately the same thing.
Stick with section by section navigation or just validate at the end.

There is nothing I have come across that does it this way.
andiejeAuthor Commented:
i nknow but if its what the customer wants ....
Then you will need to take one of the examples above and adjust it to your requirements.
andiejeAuthor Commented:
Ok, talking to the client the new needs

1) on adding the form then he wants the user to go through the accordion step by step and not 'jump around' steps as it were

2) When editting the form he wants the user to just be able to jump to the relevant section and not follow forward and back arrows. Also i dont know where the submit button would go unless you went right to the end

Have you seen jquery steps? Last i looked you couldnt jump to a specific step but perhaps you can on editing when everything is already filled in?
This is something you will have to code yourself.

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