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How to change NTFS permission to the folder based on the time of the day?

Active Directory group ‘Help Desk’ will have ‘Read & execute’ permission to the ‘Support’ folder between 7 am – 5 pm. All other time access to the ‘Support’ folder for 'Help Desk' AD group must be denied.
I’m guessing that I need to create two batch files which will be running on the Windows 2008 R2 file server. One is to enable NTFS permission on a folder, and second one is to disable NTFS permission. First batch file I will run as a scheduler task at 7 am (to enable permission) and second batch file will be running as a scheduler task at 5 pm (to disable permission)

I need some help with creating these permission controlling batch files. If the batch file failed to run successfully I need to know about it.

Thanks in advance.
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Steve Knight

8/22/2022 - Mon
Steve Knight

Just quick look here at the mo., that sounds potentially all sorts of issues with permissons given to folders below helpdesk being removed etc?

Also would a possible way may be to make sure the folder is only accessible via its own share and adjust the share permissions, or even remove the share at different times of day?

Can help with scripts later if no-one else has.

Gerwin Jansen

I'd remove/add the group that gives rights from the Helpdesk group instead of changing ntfs rights.
Steve Knight

That was the other way I was thinking too, if you remove the users from the groups of course it will not work because the user would still have access to that group's data until they logged off.

So thinking this through.... assuming it is part of an existing shared drive and can't be it's own share to simplify things then:

User A = member of users_Helpdesk group
Helpdesk directory has permissions at NTFS level for permissions_Helpdesk group
users_Helpdesk group is in permissions_Helpdesk group...

So does that work if you remove the group?

Also another way maybe would be to add / remove a "Deny" for the Helpdesk group to NTFS, or the share permissions.

Olevo - can you clarify if share methods is feasible?

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Walt Forbes

Help Desk group just an example here. Since I don’t know how to block users (DirectAccess) from accessing some of the company resources remotely, I thought that simple NTFS permission will do the trick for me. Basically, we don’t want our users to have remote access to few network folders after 5 pm!

I am thinking of using iCACLS.exe (or similar utility) in my batch file for changing folder permission. However, I am a bit stack with the syntax of the command.
Steve Knight

Switch the server off :-)
Steve Knight

Sorry... are these just select folders within mapped drives / UNC / DFS shares that they need access to other folders still at any time?

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Steve Knight

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Thanks Steve, after running command:

icacls x:\Helpdesk /deny domain\HelpdeskGroup:f /c /t

Permission applied to files but not folders (failed processing) within 'Helpdesk' folder. And, 'HelpDesk' group still have access to 'HelpDesk' folder?!

Since denying or granting permission takes time to propagate down the ACL chain, doing this two times a day for a folder with thousands of files and folders might be not so good idea to do... And, what about if the user/s belongs to multiple groups and this groups have different permission on a 'HelpDesk' folder. However I think, explicit deny will win anyway...

Maybe simply changing name of the folder or share is far better and simpler solution in my case? What do you think?
Steve Knight

deny will always lose over another group so a specific deny to Helpdesk.

If it can be mapped only via a specific share then all you have to do is either stop the share at specific times of day and re-add it, or add/remove the share permissions to deny.  Other non-helpdesk users could get to it from a different share.

e.g.  ShareA = All users who need it.  Put "deny" for Helpdesk users group, map 'normal' users here who need it
ShareB = Added  and removed...

net share HelpdeskShare=x:\data\helpdesk /grant:Helpdeskgroup,read
net share HelpdeskShare /delete

Would mean maybe moving the folder to a different area if currently on a general shared area so that they can only get to it that route though.

If that is an option the share permissions apart from adding like above can be done from VBScript or powershell afaik.

Steve Knight

Did you get anywhere with this, need any more help?
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James Murphy