Backing up Active Directory and Group Policy in Windows 2012

Running Windows 2012. - with Active Directory and Domain Policies, what is the best way to back up the AD and Group Policies  and the way to restore these back
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TropicalBoundConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using your current backup software, grab the 'System State' on your domain controller.  When it's time to restore, boot your  DC into Directory Services Restore Mode and follow the instructions from your backup vendor.

GPO's will be included in the System State, but you can also back them up manually in case you want a quick fix to something.  In Control Panel / Administrative Tools, open Group Policy Management.  Expand Domains / <your domain> and select Group Policy Objects to view all your GPOs. Right click on Group Policy Objects and select Back Up All.

Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
You can do a full backup of your domain controller and can do a restoration in case of disaster. GPO could be backup up per separate, but on full backup are backed up.
What is your plan?
Maybe this document could help you to decide:
ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
Well it would be nice to have the AD and GPO backed up in preparation to cover failure of a DC in the network.

It may be the AD/GPO does not change that often say once a week.
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ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
We are running the DC's in the AWS environment. So is System State the best and easiest way ?
JamesSenior Cloud Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Yes, system state backup is the best way for this. Do a system state backup on all your domain controllers.


ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
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