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Lync 2013 Bandwidth for 50 users (all services)

Hi all,

I am looking into implementing Lync 2013 as our replacement voice system. We currently have 2 ISDN lines "Nortel BCM50", and our current bandwidth is as follows:

Line 1: 16MB Down / 1.5MB Up
Line 2: 16MB Down / 1.5MB Up
Line 3: 5MB Down / 5MB Up

We have 2 external numbers with external calls routing through the 2 ISDN lines currently.
We have 50 users and are looking to use the following services:

External calling
Audio Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Instant messaging (globally)
Lync for Smartphone
Remote assistance

Would anyone be able to advise if our current bandwidth/ISDN system would be up to the job?

Or even if anyone could advise me roughly what Internet speeds we need (upload and download) for all Lync services for 50 users?

Any help at all would be massively appreciated!

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