Video editing - files have .264 extension What to use / what to save them as?

I have an inexpensive DVR security system.  When I save videos, they are 1 minute long and have .264 extension on the file names

They play fine in VLC

I want to cut out / save only about 10 seconds or so in different spots on each video and maybe string the 10 second segments together.

I saw people talking about AVIdemux and installed that.  when I try to open the videos in there, I get a message: cannot find a demuxer for [filename].264

Any advice on how to do the simple edits on these videos?  And then save them as .264 or is there a better format?

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Presumably the ".264" means that these videos were encoded with an H.264 codec.  It wasn't the most popular codec but is more popular now since it is a required codec for Blu-Ray players.

Windows 7 will try to find a playback codec if you attempt to open one of these files in Windows Media Player.  According to Microsoft, the playback codec is built into Windows 8. (see

If computer compatibility is the end in view, one of the Windows Media codecs such as Windows Media Video 9 would be a better choice as an encoder when producing an output file using a video editor.  These codecs can be expected to already exist on a Windows Vista or later system.

The FourCC codec code at the head of your .264 files may be non-standard, considering the source of the files.  It is probably worth checking this with the freeware GSpot codec information software.

To edit these files in any standard video editor you'll need an H.264 playback codec compatible with your operating system if one is not already installed.  It can be a bit of a search finding one but they are out there.
Try renaming them.
If you want to know what codec it is install Gspot it will tell you what codec is used. Say it mpeg or mp4 then rename  to name.extension mpeg or name .mp4. Any time a video or audio wont play use it to determine if it's corrupted or missing codecs

Since they play fine in VLC, in VLC go to the top menu >view > tick to enable  advanced controls
Now you'll see a few new buttons including the record. Use that to record a small segment.  Press record to start  and play at the same time it records then press record again to stop recording and pause playing. Note the record turns blue when recording. Repeat play to where you want it to start pause it press record and play press record to stop pause playing video or stop. repeat for each clip.
VLC buttonsNow you want to know where the recording will go to so before you start recording.
In your documents make a new Folder name it VLC
Then go to Tools>preferences on the video tab set the out put folder directory VLC in your Documents
View preferences set save to
View preferences set save toWhen you look in VLC folder you'll see a video file vlc-record date and time. Just rename these.
If for some reason they don't appear in VLC folder have a look in my videos. sometimes it defaults there.
VLC recordedOk so you've done a few, mine save in mp4 format.
The only two codecs I have installed on my windows 7 is ffdshow and AC3 filter << use the latest version where you see the description of the the codec name don't click anything up on the top bar. I have to mention this as peoples have actually clicked on the adds up the top and blamed me lol.
You may need these in order to use WMM. with mp4.
Do you have windows live moviemaker? or windows essentials?
I open windows movie make drag and drop the first  video file on, wait till it populates, if they mp4 it has to load the audio once thathas loaded the blue question marks disappear.
Loading audio  next>then drag the curser or bar the marker> to the end of this first video, you'll see it move in the play screen
 then drag and drop the next on repeat so each new video is added to the last. waiting for each to load..
Then go to FILE top left and save movie for, I choose for high definition display , when you hold your mouse over each option it shows you the video scale and output size.
save movie for more optionsWMM can rotate a video/split/ merge video /add audio. add transitions effects captions.
That's it your good to go.
Doesn't take very long.
If you need more help let me know

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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
VideoRedo is a lovely video editing program and it will do what you want.

You can use it in two modes ...
=} In one mode, all the sections you mark with start and end points are removed
   and the remainder makes up the final product.
=} In the other mode, all the sections you mark with start and end points make up the final product.

I use it to edit the TS files that are created by many media recorders.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
Wow!!! Thanks for the info!
For anyone else who needs to know how to and sees only this question
I feel it's only fair to add that as stated here it plays in VLC.
 BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelp asked a new question on this .264 and it didn't play in VLC, where as my testing it will play in MPC-be with artefacts.
the solution
Use the Divx converter included in the divx download, there is a set of three tools> using the Divx converter Convert it to KVM. Then it plays in any media player
see his new question. I have outlined the steps here.
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