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Cisco Switch Uplinking Question

I am looking to uplink a Cisco sg200-50 to a sg200-26 via the mini-GBIC port with a optical transceiver or a distance of about 30 meters.  The part for the transceiver for the 1000 Base is the MGBBX1.  But what I am confused on is the Cisco Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver Quick Start Guide says "For the Cisco MGBBX1, use the Cisco GLC-BX-D as the
downstream SFP."  I am not sure what that means do I need two different modules?  I just want to add another switch in the back of the building and connect the two via fiber.  Can someone who knows what they are doing please give me some guidance.  I called Cisco pre sales and they are trying to pawn me off the a partner to try and sell me on having them do the installation.
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That is what I am trying to wrap my head around I have never unlinked a switch before.  I know I have used fibre for SAN switches and I justed used the 50/125 LC-LC cable which I am sure you know has two strands one for sending and one for receiving.    Can you suggest what would be the best and cheapest way to uplink two Sg200's series switches I thought fiber would have the best data throughput.
Gigabit is gigabit, doesn't matter whether it's copper or fiber.

Cheapest way is probably to just run Cat5 cable and use an existing port.
So would this be the correct module to use multimode fiber to uplink to two switches?  MGBSX1.  I would just need two of these and the cables to connect the two switches?  Thanks for all your help
Agree with ASAVENER, the MGBBX1 is probably overkil,l the typical distance for it is 40km. the MGBSX1 which asavener mentioned is rated for 300m which is more than enough for your 30m Run. on the same token, Cat6  max length is 100m so you could use one of your Gig ports to uplink.
Why wasn't asavener's response accepted as the answer?
Because I accidentally selected the wrong answer as being the best way to answer my question and I could not reopen it. I sent a email to EE for assistance.
Yes be careful when selecting the correct solution. I chose the incorrect solution and award points unfairly due to rushing.