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VB6 ADO Return Records For Each Loop

Running a VB6 sql query and need to do something kind of crazy.

So I am running the following SQL query  SELECT username FROM MFUSERS WHERE USERNAME IN('test1', 'test2','test3')

I need it to create a string based off of what it has found.

So if it returns two rows and those two rows have TEST1 and TEST2 in them I need to concat to a string.

So for each record that it returns I would need it to build me a string as below example


So delimited by comma

My Code Currentky

Sub Main()
    Dim finalvalue As String
    Dim database As New ADODB.Connection
Dim records As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim sql As String
Dim phones As String

database.ConnectionString="Provider=sqloledb; Data Source=\EMMSDE;Initial Catalog=outlookreport; User Id=jsmith; Password=s5993153492;"

sql = "SELECT * FROM OUTLOOKREPORT.DBO.MFUSERS WHERE USERNAME IN('" & AccountVariable("scriptrecip") & "'"
records.Open , sql, database, adLockReadOnly

For Each fld In records.Fields
finalvalue = finalvalue & records.Fields(0)
Next fld

End Sub

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