I would like to prevent LAN access via MAC address. IE, only assign DHCP addresses via MAC address, to prevent employees from bringing their home systems to work and plugging them into an Ethernet port to access my network.
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walkerpsAuthor Commented:
Can you recommend a stand alone system, that would work with WiFi access points and my domain controllers.

Sorry if this sounds elementary, I'm new to security of this type.
All right, list out your network topology and let's see what you have to work with.  This would be WiFi routers, bridges, and so forth.
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walkerpsAuthor Commented:
Xirrus WiFi, HP Pro Curve Switches, Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller.
You can configure the switches and the WiFi APs to use a MAC whitelist for access control.  I wouldn't try to use the domain controllers to perform access control because it's too far downstream.  At this point, I suggest reading up on ACL and access control using MAC for your devices and configuring them.

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Thanks for closing the loop on this.
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