How Can I jump from one WordPress page to another (Pages - not posts)?

I am working on a WordPress (4.0.1) site that is menu driven.

On my "Home" page, I wish to keep it somewhat as short as possible by creating one short paragraph, or sentence to briefly describe the content to be found on another menu page I created called "Ideas".

Next, I wish to have menu "Ideas" contain all the details of each short "teaser sentence" located on the Home page.

I wish to make the home page "teasers" appear as links, that when clicked on will drive the viewer straight to the "Ideas" page, not only to the top (I know and can do that), but drive the link straight to the article wherever it may be on the "Ideas" page.

I am not a WordPress guru. However, I have taken an online course and searched the documentation, plus Google with no luck so far on how to accomplish this. I see this type of functionality all the time on web sites where there is a ...more at the end on a paragraph that when clicked on will launch a new page straight to the whole article.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
Having a hard time visualizing what exactly it is you want.  Technically you can make WordPress do anything like what I think you are describing by writing a custom Loop and using the excerpt feature to post a list of teasers on a given page or just send users to Category pages...
RayRiderAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I thought I made it clear. let me give it another try.

Home Page                                                        Ideas Page

Short text #1     ------------------------------------> Large paragraph #1
Short text #2     ------------------------------------> Large paragraph #2
.... etc
...  etc

Clicking on Home Page Short text #1 sends user to Ideas Page, Large paragraph #1
Clicking on Home Page Short text #2 sends user to Ideas Page, Large paragraph #2

I am simply trying to keep the Home Page "clean and short" as it is a "Home Page"
The Ideas Page (any other page or object on the site) could be easily reference from a clean and simple Home Page.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
Okay, I totally misunderstood you.

This is just a simple use of internal anchors.

Short text 1 is wrapped with an a tag:

<a href="/Ideas/#anchor1">text go here</a>

Open in new window

Large paragraph 1 gets the anchor:

<a name="anchor1">text</a> goes here

Open in new window

So the only challenge is manually assigning that in the content.
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RayRiderAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, it would not work as I got an Apache2 error saying URL could not be found at "/Ideas/#anchor1"

As you mentioned the challenge to manually keep up this this could be an issue. Maybe not for me as I don't intend to change these referrals that much. I looked up the <a href> and the <a name> tags and found you have them correct (except for the small typo on the anchor text.

I may need to look at a different approach. I got on this idea because the "more" tag will not work on this theme for some reason. I have a few glitches that don't make sense. My links become dim grey instead of a blue color, no "more" function, and I am unable to "crop" media.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
Unfortunately, it would not work as I got an Apache2 error saying URL could not be found at

/Ideas/ may not be the right URL slug as Apache is case-sensitive.  I was using it for illustration purposes.

except for the small typo on the anchor text.


I got on this idea because the "more" tag will not work on this theme for some reason

More doesn't work on page excerpts without some additional code help.  There's also no reason why you should be bound to pages in this instance...posts or a custom post type would also work fine for what you want to do.

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RayRiderAuthor Commented:
I closed this out and awarded you the points.

I got my head out of a certain "dark place" and solved this problem! I realized my HOME page and the content linked from it were always going to be "mostly static". Therefore, I dropped the notion of having a single page to contain all my targeted content. I may need 10 or 15 links on the HOME page with a "teaser" sentence configured with a link described "Click here to see more".

Therefore, each link from the HOME pages goes to its own PAGE which can easily be assigned a link. It DOES NOT have to even be on the MENU configuration as I can always add another link at the end of each page to go HOME. Of course, the user can always click the header or on the menu's HOME button.

I have been at this for hours, searching for a solution. Out of nowhere, the answer popped into my mind. But, thanks for all your help. I am sure it helped me think this out.

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