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W7 PC's randomly get stuck on "Applying Group Policy Folders Policy" during logon

Randomly we get users that get stuck logging on to the domain with the message "Applying Group Policy Folders Policy":

Applying Group Policy Folders Policy
On average we probably get one user (out of approx 200) suffer from this each morning, but sometimes it is no-one and sometimes it is 2 or 3 users.

In order to fix the problem we do the following:

Power off the PC
Log on as local administrator
ipconfig /release then /renew
log on as domain administrator
log off
Then get the user to log on.

(one or more of these actions might be the fix - sometimes we have just powered off, logged on as domain admin, logged off and then the user could log on.  Other times I have tried this and the user got the problem straight away and it seemed the ipconfig /release /renew was needed).

This then seems to fix the problem for a random amount of time, they might suffer the problem in a few days, a week or never.

I am struggling to see a pattern to the problem or anything particularly useful in the event viewer.  

The only possible link I may have seen is that this is potentially a DNS/DHCP problem.  A while ago, one user suffered this problem every Thursday morning for 3 or 4 weeks in a row.  This instantly made me think that perhaps it was linked to an IP address lease time.  I deleted this PC's DNS and DHCP entries and then the problem stopped for them for months, until randomly they got it again one morning.  This could have been a coincidence.

So I am not really sure where to start investigating as I am not seeing too much useful in the event viewer on the local PC.
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