FileMakerPro 10 relationships

I have three tables A, B, and C. (agencies, buildings, cataloging)
I want data from a field in table A to appear in a layout based on table C.
Using the TO of C->B->A only shows the data in the new field if there is data in an other field related to the A table. (C->A)This field is empty more often than not and is not necessary for the report.
C is related to B by bldgID and B is related to A by agencyCode.
How do I get the data to display?
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Andrew AngellCo-Owner / DeveloperCommented:
Create a field in each table called something like StaticRelationship.  Make it a global number field, and give it a value of 1.

Then you can create a table occurrence called something like AgenciesToCataloggingByStaticRel, and use the StaticRelationship field as the relationship.  

Since each table will have the same value in that field, it will always relate, so you can always use that table occurrence to display data.
You don't need to use the above anymore.  Since FileMaker 7, one has the ability to use a Cartesian join (looks like an X in the relationship graph) to see all data through a relationship.  (The relationship can be between any two fields in the tables you want to relate; since the Cartesian operator will show all data anyway, the specific field you choose won't matter.)
Relate A to C in that way and you should be able to see all of A's data.

Now, if you mean that you want to show a *particular* bit of data in C from A, and it's not showing up through the relationship, that usually means your relationships aren't defined well -- in other words, the data isn't necessarily structured to match what you were intending it to do.  But to troubleshoot that, we'd need more information as to what data you're storing and how it is related in a real-world sense.
Andrew AngellCo-Owner / DeveloperCommented:
Good to know.
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maryj152Author Commented:
There are no common fields between A and C.
Can I just choose any two fields and use the X relationship?
Yup! The Cartesian join doesn't care what fields it's on. It'll always present all data across the relationship.

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maryj152Author Commented:
Thank you. Now I need to solve something else.
maryj152Author Commented:
I do need " to show a *particular* bit of data in C's layout  from table A,".
As I mentioned the two tables are not related but each is related to B.
Can I do a Cartesian Join Relationship between A and B and then between B and C and get to the data?
Yes, you'll still get all the data that way, but if it's a specific piece of data, it could be that your relationships need to be rethought in the context of what is needed from where.  Again, for that, we would need more info as to how your tables are related to each other and what specific data you need.
maryj152Author Commented:
I have some other projects that are taking precedence right now. Can I contact you directly when I get back to the original question or do I need to just submit another question?
I suppose the issue of structuring relationships that we're talking about now is probably a different question, I'd think.
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