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Sometimes SQL server instance is not connecting due to slow internet connection

Dear Experts,

   Sometime in my machine sql server instance is not connecting due to slow internet connection. Could you help to assist to resolve the issue?
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Errm, the screenshot shows that the account is locked out? Are you illustrating the fact that your account has been locked out because authenication is failing due to slow internet connection, or something else?
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No. If I connect from office no issue. If I work from home SOMETIMES I got the error (at that time the internet is slow).
The account is locked out for sure. You missed the password 3 times and that's why SQL Server locked the account.
No. Now I able to connect without taking any action.
Must has set a lock duration so if the time configured passed it will unlock automatically.
Could you please suggest where to increase the lock duration? Any configuration is there? Kindly suggest.
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Vitor Montalvão
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