windows 2012 verification of replica failed whilst deploy AD onto windows 2003 domain

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hi, I have a 2003 sbs network, I'm migrating to windows 2012 server.
So far I have increased the domain function level from 2000 to 2003 and done an adprep /forest on the 2012, which updated the 2003 sbs.
then added roles of AD domain services.
when I go to promote the 2012 and add domain controller to an existing domain, I get.

verification of replica failed. the forest functional level is windows 2000....

but under raise domain function it has windows server 2003.
There doesn't seem to be any event errors.

what am I doing wrong.
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easy when you know how, the forum I followed didn't mention that.
It's now progressed, but i'm getting

a domain controller running windows server 2008 or later could not be located in this domain. I do not have any 2008 servers.

thanks for your help so far
You ran  

Adprep /forestprep
Adprep /domainprep

commands from DVD?
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Sorry, those aren't needed with 2012 anymore.

the 2012 server is joined to domain?
dns settings on server 2012 points to 2003sbs?
Oh, and one more thing, try promote 2012 server from GUI. Maybe you need only to type DSRM password.


I ran Adprep /forestprep

not domain. just ran domainprep and still getting same error.
do I need to remove AD and reinstall role on 2012 ?
Ok, what about, the other comment?


the server is on the domain and only has the sbs as the DNS server

I had just run forestprep before reading the last comment


and domainprep


managed to push replication through
If the error "A domain controller running Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2012 could not be located in this domain. To install ...." appears at the Active Directory Services Configuration Wizard, note that the "Next" button is disabled but if you set the password for "Type the Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) password", then the button is enabled and you should be fine continuing the wizard.


after raising forest as well, all worked fine, many thanks
welcome :)

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