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How many Server 2012 R2 virtual servers can be installed in Hyper-V?

I am considering using a beefed up IBM server with two 8 core Xeon processors and 64GB or RAM to create a private cloud in our office. I am new to virtualization and I'm trying to wrap my brain around best practices and methodology behind creating said private cloud.

Originally I was thinking of installing three virtual servers on this machine. A DC, Exchange 2013 and an Exchange 2013 front end server. I already have a standalone primary DC but I'd like to put a backup DC on this machine.

I believe that there is a two instance limitation on Hyper-V but I'm not sure how the virtual servers are rolled out to those instances and what the limitations are. I've setup virtual Linux servers in Amazon's AWS environment and it's always been a machine per instance.

Am I barking up the wrong to to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish? Should I be looking at VMware instead or is this possible in Hyper-V?

Sorry for the potential vagueness of my question but I am having a hard time finding a starting point.

Thanks in advance.
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