Excel 2010 Adds three worksheets when I click the 'add new' tab. I want only one worksheet added

Excel 2010 Adds three worksheets when I click the 'add new' tab. I want only one worksheet added

I do not mean when a new Excel workbook opens, i mean when I am in an existing workbook and want to add a single new worksheet.

I consider it the height of unprofessinal laziness to distribute workbooks with empty meaningless worksheets - and this function of adding three empty worksheets is reprehensible

please help - otherwise this OCD condition of mine may completely overcome me
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Flying_High_71Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:

It was not a corrupt file or corurupt version of Excel.  Tech support have put it down the standard excel templates used here. They changed my template and presto none of the above behaviour is exhibited and all is working normally.
Network ZeroCloud Engineer Commented:

Try this.. Go to control panel then go to programs and features then go to Microsoft office 2010 and right click go to change or click repair. make sure its closed and try that.

IF that does not work. Reboot your computer. open excel and the make sure you don't have any recovered old sheets there and just make a sheet and save it with any name and just close it, now open it excel again and try it.

good luck :)
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
The procedures outlined in this article cover the repair mentioned above

I also mentions the removal add-ons, and some registry repairs.tweaks
and there is a link to Microsoft's Fixit utility.
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Flying_High_71Author Commented:
Unfortunately this is a computer on a Corporate Domain and access to things such as Control Panel to change a program require a higher level of elevation than I have been afforded.  

At any rate the suggestions above are hinting at a corrupted version of Excel - however I am wondering whether corporate settings are at play.

I have noticed that even if I select:

"File > Options > When creating new Workbooks - Include this many sheets"

and change the number to 1 or any other number, it makes no difference to the actual number of sheets that are opened in a newly created workbook.  Much less being able to change how many sheets are added when clicking  the add new sheet.

I guess what I really want to know is, where is the function that controls how many worksheets are opened when I click the "Insert Worksheets tab (Shift F11)"  

The above function in the settings ""File > Options > When creating new Workbooks - Include this many sheets"  has always referred only to the number of worksheets opened by default in a new workbook.  It has never before been used to control the number of worksheets opened when using the "Insert Worksheet" function in an already open workbook

Is it the consensus of the experts that this version of Excel is corrupted or is there a new function I need to know about?
Network ZeroCloud Engineer Commented:
This does not sound like a regular issue in excel, when these types of issues come up its best to try and repair excel first.

In order for this to be some sort of corporate policy  - it would have to be some sort of GPO and it would most likely be targeting a group of people, if such thing is being applied at a custom level to one user would be an extreme waste of time and it would have to be created since I've never heard of a template for such thing.

It could be possible... have your IT department check but it would doubt it might waste more time then anything I would try and repair excel first then anything.

depending on the files opened excel could be trying to open up tabs that either don't exist or maybe you have lost access to like a file on a server that is no longer present or has changed.

try saving a new file with 1 tab or no tabs and close everything and open it again
Flying_High_71Author Commented:
This was the only solution that worked
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