Which Cisco-Router for Telekom VDSL (ip-based) ?


we plan to change to a cisco-router because we have problems with our router at the moment. We mainly use internet for voip-telephony. Which is the best fitting model of cisco with these parameters:

- 15-25 users
- mainly voip and some data-transfer (QoS -> voip is most important)
- VDSL from Telekom Germany ip-based (vlan tagged 7 with prio 0)
- Fallback WAN (another VDSL or connected to another router)
- VPN for teleworker and (would be fine: Router 2 Router VPN connection)

Any idea which cisco modell would have all those features ?


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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cisco 8xx
Or you can plug vsdl card in bigger router.
loosainAuthor Commented:
Are the 86x or 88x configurable via Webportal (like small Routers or Draytek) or only via ssh and config-files?
All cisco IOS or NX-OS devices have web portal and web command interface (starting about 10 years ago when device RAM reached 8MB)
I am not expert in others.
As a side note DSL card for big router costs same as separate DSL router
loosainAuthor Commented:
Thanks for help
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