XJS: extract string within a string

I have the following variable
var Text = nodeRQ.ValueOfSelect("Text");

This contains
A/ONE/TWO/MAIN TEST EXTRA/2//15D/738-738//1488/2/USD/TAX/112/US/1600///ADT/NNN//ZA/1//T/ZZ/ZZ///01

how do i change this such that it reads as follows. where i removed 738-738
A/ONE/TWO/MAIN TEST EXTRA/2//15D///1488/2/USD/TAX/112/US/1600///ADT/NNN//ZA/1//T/ZZ/ZZ///01

so remove the contents between the 7th "/" and 8th "/" ?
Basically, using indexOf to find 7th "/" and 8th "/" then concatenate the remaining strings?
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Kyle HamiltonConnect With a Mentor Data ScientistCommented:
you could try something like this:

var s = "A/ONE/TWO/MAIN TEST EXTRA/2//15D/738-738//1488/2/USD/TAX/112/US/1600///ADT/NNN//ZA/1//T/ZZ/ZZ///01";
var arr = s.split("/");

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"A/ONE/TWO/MAIN TEST EXTRA/2//15D//1488/2/USD/TAX/112/US/1600///ADT/NNN//ZA/1//T/ZZ/ZZ///01"
badtz7229Author Commented:
@Kyle Hamilton - this seems to work. except the split function is replacing all the "/" with commas.
Kyle HamiltonConnect With a Mentor Data ScientistCommented:
no, the split function creates an array out of the string. you are seeing commas, because that is how an array is represented.

once you join the array back into a string, you will not see the commas anymore.

for clarity, you could change the line at the end to:

var newString = arr.join("/");

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to see the new string.
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badtz7229Author Commented:
@Kyle Hamilton - that worked.
Only thing I just noticed is that when you remove the contents between the 7th "/" and 8th "/" , it's also removing the last "/". I want to maintain all "/"

so that it's

"A/ONE/TWO/MAIN TEST EXTRA/2//15D///1488/2/USD/TAX/112/US/1600///ADT/NNN//ZA/1//T/ZZ/ZZ///01"
Kyle HamiltonConnect With a Mentor Data ScientistCommented:
oh yeah. that's because we are removing the element. you can do this instead:

arr.splice(7,1, "");

add an empty element, to preserve the slash
badtz7229Author Commented:
yes that works. thanks so much
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