Ubuntu server startx error

My ubuntu server 64bits 14.04.01 LTS GUI interface is not working.
I type startx or sudo startx and nothing. The monitor blinks and stops at the prompt frozen.
Jose BredariolPMPAsked:
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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
run "tasksel" and make sure at least one of "Dektop" or "Live" options is selected (feel free to install tasksel if you did not when installing the system)
MazdajaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have xorg or xserver installed?

dpkg -l | grep -iP 'xorg|xserver'
sudo apt-get install xorg

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Rajesh NandanwarCommented:
Try updating your system.
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Jose BredariolPMPAuthor Commented:
I have xorg installed,
I did all updates, but nothing yet.
Some things to check.

Have you installed all the necessary X fonts?
Is your video driver up to date and properly installed?
Have you checked your logs for X errors?
Jose BredariolPMPAuthor Commented:
how should I check and do that ?
Jose BredariolPMPAuthor Commented:
Thanks all
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