Cisco AP's using Cisco Wireless controller on another subnet?

I am currently using about 10 WL AP's (Cisco AIR-CAP2602e) on the same subnet as my Cisco 2500 Wireless Controller. I need to put in 2 more AP's at a separate building with a different subnet.

 I "primed" the AP per Cisco's instructions by putting a static IP address on the 2 new AP's and putting in the IP address of the WL controller. Once plugged in at the new building I could seem them within the controller, but when I connected my laptop to the new AP's they gave me an IP address from the main location, not the new subnet.

Can someone tell me what setting I need to change to make this work?

Thank you.
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Craig BeckCommented:
The APs tunnel the traffic back to the WLC, therefore location is irrelevant if the APs are in local mode.  All clients on the SSID will get an IP from the same subnet regardless of where they are.

To allow clients to use a local subnet at a remote site the APs at the remote site need to be in FlexConnect mode, not local mode, and the SSID should be configured to allow local switching.

There's a bit to do on the WLC and the switches so I would advise you look at the FlexConnect guide...

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eagle3344Author Commented:

I just printed off that guide...much appreciated!

So I am planning on only using this wireless for 2 tablets using a citrix application at the main location. Are you saying that the AP handles all of the routing for clients connected to it? In other words, once a client gets an IP address from the main location and the client then needs to either get internet access or get to the citrix server the AP will handle that routing??? If that is the case, then I should be able to use it as is since I will only need citrix and internet for these tablets. When I was testing onsite I was hardwired in and saw that I got two different IP addresses I stopped at that point and didn't unhook from the hardwire and test.

As you can probably tell wide area is not my area of expertise, but was just thrust into figuring it out so I appreciate your help.
Craig BeckCommented:
In AP local mode all client traffic goes back to WLC.

In AP FlexConnect mode the traffic drops straight onto the switch where the AP connects (so follows the same routing as a wired client).

Given your requirements I'd just leave everything as it I now.
eagle3344Author Commented:
I tested this in local mode and it worked with no issues. Since the application I am trying to get to is at our main facility anyway this really seems to have worked out just fine.

I appreciate your assistance...thanks for your time!
Craig BeckCommented:
My pleasure :-)
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