Hyper-V regaining disk space?

Ok so basically I have a 3.63TB Physical storage partition on my Windows 2012 server storing VHD files for x2 Virtual machines x1 VHDX for the Server OS and x1 VHDX for the Storage.

I've recently had a few issues restoring data within side the VM I had to restore 300GB worth of data then delete and start again etc and noticed the physical storage has hardly any space left and I need to restore the data back inside the VM again but need to make more space before doing so.
Obviously with all the changes that's gone on it's as though it's not reduced the actual VHDX for the storage just made it grow which by the way set as a Differencing virtual hard disk at 896GB and the parent is fixed at 2TB.

I've tried compacting both the vhdx and the avhdx which has made no difference to the their File size.
It's as though I need to defrag the avhdx file to get the space back but I'm not sure and haven't had to mess about much with Hyper-V in this type of scenario before.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Many Thanks
CRL ltdAsked:
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I would restore the file from backup.

unsure what you can do next.
what else have you tried?
is there a reason why its a differencing file? is it a snapshot you want to keep?
CRL ltdAuthor Commented:
not really no
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you can try

VM settings
-> Vhd settings
-> tools (i think)
and there should be a compacting option -- (not shrinking)
CRL ltdAuthor Commented:
ok since compacting the VHDX files and running a Defrag on them it's made no difference to the storage size and now all of a sudden when I boot the VM the local disk E: shows as RAW and I can't access the data?
CRL ltdAuthor Commented:
I can't even mount the AVHDX file but can mount the parent file? I'm confused. I had to reconnect it to the parent and clicked ignore ID mismatch which is what's done it I'm guessing?

What should I do as next step? point the VM to the parent file instead?
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