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how to modify or read stdClass object inside array?

I have this as a part of  a code generated by this print command:
$output = print_r($usable_rates, true);

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Array ( 
[3] => stdClass Object ( 
[shipping_id] => 3 [shipping_type] => manual [shipping_zone_namekey] => [shipping_tax_id] => 0 
[shipping_price] => 40 

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I need to modify shipping_price = 10
how do I go about it?
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Ray Paseur
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It appears that there are three elements in the array, but you only showed us one of them.  Let's assume for the sake of getting a code sample that you want to modify the object in array element number 1, which is an object.

$array[1]->shipping_price = 10;

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Anwar Saiah


Well unfortunately I have tried this and got:
Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in ..

And I showed you the first slice of the code generated by the print_r command on my array
the first one starts with [3]
Tried this:

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and got:
Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in ..
I used this:

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got no errors ,but value printed of shipping_price was blank!
is a no go as well!
OK, let's look at the data. Please use var_dump($usable_rates) to print out the array of objects and copy/paste the output into the code snippet here.
What I gave you in the first place was a dump printed out by print_r()
any way I will also give you the var_dump
which should be just about the same..
Yes, but the reason to prefer var_dump() is that it also gives you data types as well as data contents!
array(1) { [3]=> object(stdClass)#493 (15) { ["shipping_id"]=> string(1) "3" 
["shipping_type"]=> string(6) "manual" ["shipping_zone_namekey"]=> string(0) "" 
["shipping_tax_id"]=> string(1) "0" ["shipping_price"]=> float(40)  ...

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I tried it ,it doesn't give any error ,but it didn't give the wanted value.
It actually gave a blank value!

I did this:

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output was this:
Alright .. Got it
This worked: