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How to add "launch condition for MDAC"... vb.net

Posted on 2014-12-07
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2014-12-11
I have a sample application with untyped database. It gives me error that cannot open it. I located a link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa301647(v=vs.71).aspx

with instructions how to do this but in my windoes 7 file explorer, per instructions in this link, I am supposed to locate "On the View menu, choose Editor, Launch Conditions."; but I cannot find Editor under View.

The file in question is at:  https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=420CDD6A13807C9B&id=420CDD6A13807C9B%21116
Question by:Mike Eghtebas
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LVL 40
ID: 40486087
Where do you see indications to work with launch conditions in the error message? It tells you clearly to repair your Visual Studio installation, so it should be your first step.
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Author Comment

by:Mike Eghtebas
ID: 40486091
It tells you clearly to repair your Visual Studio installation

I am not having any trouble working with some other projects using vs2012. Meanwhile, I read that untyped dataSet requires either to have MDAC in the project file or use "On the View menu, choose Editor, Launch Conditions...(see: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa301647(v=vs.71).aspx)"; but I cannot find Editor under View.

I can uninstall/re-install if adding MDAC or locating Editor solution do not work. I will be wasting lots of time if it turns out my installation is good.
LVL 40
ID: 40486101
You can launch a repair of Visual Studio when you go to bed, it takes but 2 or 3 minutes of your time, while running after things that you "read" somewhere can make you run for days without any good reason.

Editor...Launch Conditions was available in the older versions of Visual Studio, when working on a setup project made with the Visual Studio own Setup and Deployment system. It has beed dropped and replaced by InstallShield Limited Editions in VS2012. This is not the same thing. I have never used it myself, but there are a lot of chances that it does not use the same techniques and does not have the same menus,

The first thing to try when you get an error message is to try what it suggests you to do. If this does not work, then you go looking around for something else.

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LVL 34

Author Comment

by:Mike Eghtebas
ID: 40486196
I am doing repair now. I was thinking I need to uninstall and then re-install. That is why I was so hesitant. Now, I am aware of repair option.
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Author Comment

by:Mike Eghtebas
ID: 40486275
Hi James,

Here is what I have now (do you have any suggestions?):
errorBTW, The person who gave me this sample says: "I am sorry I don't know what to tell you about your system.  My sample ruins fin on my systems...  I can only suggest repairing your visual studio installation." I have asked what fin is?
LVL 75

Expert Comment

by:käµfm³d 👽
ID: 40486517
I think (s)he meant, "runs fine".
LVL 40
ID: 40486769
Look a the second warning. I have never encountered a Windows event log that is full. Is there a lot of space left on your hard disk?

At first sight, I would think that it points to a possible problem with your system, not Visual Studio. Giving a look at your event log might lead you toward an understanding of the root cause. You can access the Event Viewer through the administrative Tools in the Control Panel.

If you find nothing of interest, it might simply be that the significant information from the repair could not be recorded. I would clear the log and run the repair again.


You might check the configuration of MSVSMON.
LVL 34

Author Comment

by:Mike Eghtebas
ID: 40486869
re:> configuration of MSVSMON.

What it I do not care (or want) remote monitoring?

Is this need because the sample application I am using demands remote monitoring? If so and if having is optional, then how can I pacify (disable) this feature?



I also located the following at:http://superuser.com/questions/293371/vs2010-msvsmon-exe-failed-to-start
I fixed it like this:-

Create a shortcut on your desktop to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\Remote Debugger\x64\msvsmon.exe".

Right-click shortcut and select "Properties" from the dropdown menu. Select the "Compatibity" tab, tick "Run this program as administrator" and click OK

Create a shortcut on your desktop to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe".

Right-click shortcut and select "Properties" from the dropdown menu. Select the "Compatibity" tab, tick "Run this program as administrator" and click OK.

To start VS2012:-

Double-click the msvsmon shortcut icon (that you created above, to launch msvsmon). Wait for the "Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor (Administrator)" window to display before continuing ...

Double-click the "Visual Studio 2012 Professional" shortcut icon (that you created above, to launch VS2012)

In VS2012, ensure standard toolbar is visible.

In VS2012, ensure "Solution Platforms" dropdown (on standard toolbar) is visible and set to "x86".

and debug now works (for me anyway) ...

However after 15 minutes or so, debug may stop working and you may get the msvsmon error again. If that happens, simply close VS2012 and msvsmon and then start again (from "To start VS2012:-" above) 

Open in new window

But first I need to check and make user my system is using x86 or x64. I thing my installation is x64 but I need to know how to verify this. Or, does this matter at all?

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ey7ec813%28v=vs.90%29.aspx :
There are separate versions of msvsmon for 32-bit and 64-bit debugging. Make sure that you install the correct version on the remote computer.
I guess we already have this file but only need to make sure what version it is.
LVL 40
ID: 40486955
If you install Visual Studio on a 64-bit computer you get both automatically.

As for the need for MVSVMON, what does your application does. What Tools (dlls) does it use in the background.

The only situation where I had to use it myself was to test the deployment of a Windows Store application. I am not a web developer, but I understand that you also need it if you want to debug a web application that is not installed locally.

I also Wonder if you have that problem with other applications.

If not, then the cause might be the way the application is configured. If it is something that you got from the web somewhere, be sceptical. There is more crap than good stuff out there. It might be that the application tries to connect somewhere to send information, maybe information that you would not like to share.
LVL 34

Author Comment

by:Mike Eghtebas
ID: 40487002
re:> maybe information that you would not like to share.

That is what I think is happening. I am trying to create a new project and imports its object and avoid the setting that requires this the setting that requires  MSVSMON.

Do you think, I can handle this?  In case you want to help me with this process, it is at the link below. Also this is not a web project. It is winform.

LVL 40
ID: 40487110
Sorry, I do not have the time to download, install and test the project. I have enough on my hands with my own projects :-)

But a quick look at the .vbproj and the .sln files does not give any indication that that MVSMON is needed.

Have you checked your event log?
LVL 34

Author Comment

by:Mike Eghtebas
ID: 40487190
Sorry for too many questions this time. To clear logs, I have this command:

Clear all logs
in cmd with admin rights:
for /F "tokens=*" %1 in ('wevtutil.exe el') DO wevtutil.exe cl "%1"  
(see the bottom of the page at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc722318.aspx)

Or should I be targeting a particular event(s)? If so what I will be executing? at "To open a command prompt, click Start , type cmd in the Start Search box, and then press Enter ."

Thanks again,


also see:log
LVL 40

Accepted Solution

Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger) earned 2000 total points
ID: 40487278
Have you tried running other projects as I suggested? What about your other projects? If they run, then do not lose time in the event log. In such a case, simply try to find sample code somewhere else.

If the problem comes on many projects however...

You can clear the log from the event viewer. Simply right click on the log the you want to clear.

Unless you have an idea of what your problem is, which is not your case, or you are a system guy who knows everything about Windows, something I am not, you have no way of knowing which log and/or which event is important. You usually go in there because you do not understand what is happening. Using the event log is a bit like debugging somebody else code. You do not really know what to look for at the beginning, and you have to go to the problem bit by bit.

Using it over the years, I found stuff like services that were stopped while they were not supposed to, a network or graphic card that is known to fail under certain conditions and security issues that did not show as such in error trapping, but did impact my application. These were all things that I could not have solved on my own, because I did not even know that these things were used under the hood. Having a lot of dlls working for you is wonderful, but it hides you from what really happens. When an error bubbles up between 25 dlls, what you get in the end sometimes has link at all with what really happens. The event log is there for that purpose.

Working with it not an interesting task, and I suggested it because I find it strange that if filled up. This means that a lot of stuff went in in a short period of time, which is often an indication that something is wrong on the system. The event log is also often the best place to look for possible causes when you get an error message that seems meaningless.

The way I personnally work with the thing is to clear the log, run the operation that causes the problem a few times, and go back to see what errors and warnings are there. And then, hope you are lucky trying to understand what you find there.

If you do not like the prospect of going there however, you might want to try something else. Install Visual Studio on another station, ideally not from the same source that you used to maker your own install. You might go with the Express edition, that is free and install in less time than Ultimate. Try running your code from there. If you have the same problem, then it comes from the application itself, do not lose time with the event log.
LVL 34

Author Comment

by:Mike Eghtebas
ID: 40487460
re:> What about your other projects?
I thought I have mentioned this before, my other projects run fine.

re:> Simply right click on the log the you want to clear.
I have no idea what log I am supposed to clear. What should I be clearing?

I will be closing this question shortly; if you have another comment please let me know.

Greatly appreciated.

LVL 40
ID: 40487597
The logs that have proved useful to me in the past are Application, System and Security. If your other projects run fine however, I would look somewhere else than in the event log. I gave a quick look at your project files. Since it uses Northwind, it looks a lot like a sample project from Microsoft. Have you read the list of prerequisites on the site from which you downloaded them?

Is there some version of SQL Server installed on your station? Have you checked the SQL Server options when installing Visual Studio? Do you have other applications that work with SQL Server other than that one? Do they work? Have you tried on another computer?

With such an error message, that does not seem to have any correlation with what you are doing, it's very hard to tell what can be going wrong.
LVL 34

Author Comment

by:Mike Eghtebas
ID: 40493204
Hi James,

Finally I figured it out.remote
The default setting of: Project/Properties/Compile/Target CPU was "Any
". All I had to do was to change it to x86 (so it will not default
to x64).
LVL 40
ID: 40493307
Any CPU is the suggested setting for most situation, but some pieces of software do not work well with it. This is the case with the old JET database engine used for Microsoft Access .mdb files. And in that case also, the error message is completely misleading. You are simply told that Access is not installed event when it is.

Here too, the error message seems to be misleading. MSVSMON is standard in Visual Studio, so I never heard of anybody having problems because of the CPU settings. Visual Studio and its tools have been designed around that. The face that you do not have problems with your other programs also points in that direction. The problem is probably something else that your application use and that is not compatible with Any CPU.

The important thing is that you solved your problem. Did it come through luck, or did you find a pointer to that solution somewhere?
LVL 34

Author Comment

by:Mike Eghtebas
ID: 40493589
After emptying windows log files and repairing vs again I got into trouble (vs was not working). I re installed vs 2012. I got the hint from another site. Basically, with x86 remove monitoring fails thus the effect I wanted. It is sort of half A. solution but it works for me.


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