Linksys wireless router stopped working after thunderstorm


I have a client who has ADSL 2+ connection in his area. a few months ago when thunderstorm happened, he reported that he could not get onto Internet so I went to his place to check connection. And I found that ISP was okay since I was able to connect to Internet with new modem. So, I replaced the modem with new modem and added a brand new Linksys wireless router (WRT1900AC) since he also complain about his old wireless router (he wanted wider signal).

A few days ago, he reported that Internet kept dropping out when the weather is bed so he had to restart the devices to get them working. And I am not sure what is causing the issue.

I just want to know why the devices are affected by thunderstorm. The devices are connected to surge protector but it looked a bit old not sure it is still functioning.
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engeltjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Rain indeed can tear down the DSL connection when there is a flaw in the junction box.
When water gets in, the signal gets lost or there can be a bad or slow connection.

However, when the device gets broken after a thunderstorm, there is another issue.

When a thunderstorm happens, lightning can cause a power peak on the telephone line itself.
Mostly, people place a surge protector on the power side, but not on the telephone line itself. It is the telephone line itself causing the router to break.
So in the first place, do place a surge protector which protects both the power line and the telephone line.
Michael WierowskiConnect With a Mentor Vice President of IT ServicesCommented:
Does this only happen during thunderstorms or also during moderate to heavy rain? Reason I ask is a few years back I had an issue with my DSL connection because water was getting into the telephone companies outside junction box on the poll down the road. I have to call and complain multiple times and had techs come out three times. The tech that came out the third time happened to show up on a day it was raining and traced the problem back to the junction box. He drained the water and replaced the weather seal and I never had the issue with my connection going out after that.

Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
I have a client in a neighborhood with poor telephone wires and she has often had problems when there is rain.  Rain affects the DSL signal strength and can cause dropouts even with new equipment on poor telephone wires.
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