Internet Explorer Favorites and multiple Win 8.1 machines using same account

Over the past 18 months I have configured 5 or 6 Win 8.1 machines that I use in various locations. I login to them with the same MS account.

Recently, I made a bunch of changes to my favorites in Internet Explorer on my main machine. I thought the changes would appear on the other machines but the opposite happened. When I logged in to my main machine (I docked it in a different location and had to login to Windows again), the changes I had made to my favorites had been reverted and I got an old set of favorites.

Do I have to do something special to save my favorites to my MS account so the other machines will pick up my changes?

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Surely, this should work without anything special to consider. For a test, please start two machines and see what happens if you change on one and then on the other and try to replicate your problem. That is practice and that is what counts.
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Bring up the Charms bar (Windows key + C keys simultaneously) > click SettingsChange PC settings at the bottom > SkyDrive > Sync settings > check to see if this is turned On. If it's set to Off you'll need to turn it On in order to sync your IE settings (Favorites, history, home page, etc.) > go down the list until you see Web Browser and make sure this is turned On also. Turn on anything else you'd like to sync and you should be good to go.

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ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in responding.

I confirmed my sky drive settings were set correctly. The most recent changes made to my main machine did propogate to the other machines. I think this has worked for me in the past. It's just that sometimes, they seem to get reset so I'll make sure that the synch settings are the same on all of the machines I use.

Another problem came up though:

I changed some of the icons on my favorites bar in IE. The icon files are on my main machine. On the other machines, those icons are blank. Is there a way to synch the icons as well?
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I am afraid there ain't. The icons IE uses are pulled from temporary internet files - and those don't get synced.
ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
Pity about the icons not synching.
ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
I just booted a Win 8.1 machine that I haven't booted for a month. I logged in with my MS account and now the favorites of all of my other computers have been reverted to what they were last month.

This is the problem I was trying to describe at the top of this thread.

It seems like the changes you make to your favorites only propagate to the computers that are turned on and logged in when you make the changes. If you boot and log in to another computer that hasn't been on in a while, it will synch its  version (an older version) of your favorites, undoing any changes made to all of your other computers.

Does this make sense?
ou81aswell, though me and others might be tempted to find a reason for this behavior, all will get back to the basic problem with computers in the end: they are dumb machines. The concepts should take care of this, but they often don't. The ideas should be transparent, and easy/intuitive but they are not. The bottom line is: if you are able to setup synching yourself, do it. If you don't you'll have to rely on technology that is all but perfect and constantly changing at the same time.
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