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Android, Galaxy S5 stuck on Gallery


I have a brand new Galaxy S5. I had setup Dropbox and apparently my Gallery synced it, disabled that.
However, Gallery still takes about 10 seconds to open and still then is really slow.

I've read about Quickpick app but not sure if that's the way to go. The Gallery App should work, right?

Please advise.
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The Gallery app should still work indeed. The speed slightly depends on how many pictures you have though. If there are thousand and thousands, leave the phone as it is for another day. Then see if a reboot helps. (Because of the indexing). Though if you have just about 100 pictures, it should have responded more quickly than 10 seconds.
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Leaving it open did not help. It should open within seconds, just as the gallery in Iphone.
It's something what is heavily used. Is it a general issue (Android)? Are there workarounds/alternatives?
Actually any alternative Gallery app will do. The only benefit from using the official Gallery app is:

- Full permission for SD card /read/write (third party app will have problems with deleting)
- The All-Share button (send immediately to your smart TV)

If both are not used, any alternative will do.

Of course, this is not a general issue for Samsung OR Android. If you want to resolve it, delete ALL pictures (of course, have it backed up on your PC). See how it behaves. If all is fine, take a few pictures. See how it behaves. If still okay, transfer only a bit from the PC back. See how it behaves (etc etc)
Both ARE used so I will stick to Gallery.

There are no pictures in my Gallery at all.
Settings > Application manager > Swipe to ALL (3 times left?) > Scroll to Gallery, click > Click Clear data, click Clear cache. Restart phone.
Did that, no change.
Gallery > Settings (upper right corner) > under accounts, turn off sync for all accounts
click Filter by > uncheck all boxes > back
Face tag uncheck box

(Sorry if you can't find it, we may not have the exact same Gallery app)
Tried that, same result.
However, in the intital setup of my Gallery it asked to show Dropbox images and I selected yes. My Dropbox is several 100 GB in size so that wasn't a good idea. Disabled it again. No result. Re-enabled it, waited for a day, disabled it again. Same result. Isn't there a way to set Gallery back to deafult?
The Clear Data routine, combined with turning off sync should have the same effect as pressing NO during Gallery prompt about Dropbox. Dropbox is not consulted at all (you can check by clearing your dropbox account. don't worry, you're account will be back the minute you give your email address and password again. It's just a check to prove Dropbox is not used, and how Gallery is responding to it.)
Ok, what are you trying to say?
I did all that.
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Fair enough.Reinstall should solve any issue.