php postgresql convert mixed encoding to utf-8

I have user input/EDI that may be in different encoding (ISO, Win, etc.).  When I insert it into the database PostgreSQL complain "invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8".

PostgreSQL DB encoding is UTF-8.

I cannot control the user input/EDI.  The SQL query actually has mixed encoding, including UTF-8.

Is there a way to convert the none UTF-8 strings/chars to UTF-8 and ignore the strings/chars that are already UTF-8?

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Ray PaseurCommented:
This is a complicated area of work, and you may find that there is a lot to know in order to make this come out right.  I've researched it and run it to ground for both PHP and MySQL.  If PostGreSQL is using UTF8 and the issue is that the client input is incompatible with UTF8, this article will lead you in the right direction.
flowerbloomAuthor Commented:
Hi Ray,

Nice article.  It does not help me.  Let me provide an example.

$q = "inset into t1 (f1,f2,f3) values ('v1','v2','v3');";

Where database is PostgreSQL and has utf-8 encoding, v1 encoding is utf-8, v2 encoding is iso5589-1, and v3 encoding is win1255.

Error message:  "invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8".

I need something like:
$q = convert_to_utf8_ignoring_already_utf8($q);

Update successfully.

I need something like:
function convert_to_utf8_ignoring_already_utf8 ($s) {
  $new_s = do some magic with $s.  break it apart, put it together, ignore utf-8.  Make all of $s utf-8.
  return $new_s;

Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
There is this function utf8_encode but it does not 'automatically' recognize UTF-8 strings.  You have to know what you are feeding it.
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flowerbloomAuthor Commented:
Hi Dave.  This does not help. Thanks anyhow.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Where database is PostgreSQL and has utf-8 encoding, v1 encoding is utf-8, v2 encoding is iso5589-1, and v3 encoding is win1255.
This is something you must fix -- there is no automated solution.

$q = convert_to_utf8_ignoring_already_utf8($q);
The article explains why this is impossible.  Sorry, there are no unicorns.  Your script must detect the encoding of the existing data and must use the correct PHP functions to handle the process of conversion to UTF8, with a sensitivity to data that is already UTF8.  

If you want to go back to the article and read it carefully for comprehension, I'll be glad to help.  I wrote it as clearly as I could, but this is not a subject with magic bullets -- it requires detailed, step-by-step understanding of the issues.  If you read the article and think I might be able to help, please post your input data and the exact output you want to achieve.  By "input" I mean the data you get from the external sources, such as a client request.  By "output" I mean the data you want to put into the PostGreSQL query strings.

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flowerbloomAuthor Commented:
The perfect solution will be a function that breaks down the PostgreSQL query and go over each input fields/values and convert to UTF-8.  Oh well.  Thanks anyhow.
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