Export Active Directory Users

How can I bulk export many users from AD into a CSV file with these attributes?
first name, last name, login and email address.

Is there a program, tool or maybe powershell? How do I select the users needed?
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Ryan RoodCommented:
This is the script that I use to export users from PowerShell. I believe it includes all of the fields you require and has the formatting to export to excel. This dumps ALL users to excel and then I filter from there depending on what I am looking for.

# To Export
Get-ADUser -Filter {(Name -notlike "*(Administrator)")}  -Properties SamAccountName,GivenName,Surname,Description,DisplayName,Company,Department,Office,EmailAddress,OfficePhone,Mobile,Fax,StreetAddress,City,State,PostalCode,Country,LogonWorkstations,HomePage,Title,Manager,Enabled | Select-Object SamAccountName,GivenName,Surname,Description,DisplayName,Company,Department,Office,EmailAddress,OfficePhone,Mobile,Fax,StreetAddress,City,State,PostalCode,Country,LogonWorkstations,HomePage,Title,Manager,Enabled | export-csv -path c:\temp\ADUsersExported.csv -NoTypeInformation -Encoding "UTF8"

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tolinromeAuthor Commented:
That seems pretty good. Ok, so just paste that above into a .PS1 file and run it from the Domain Controller?
Ryan RoodCommented:
You can paste it right into PowerShell. I generally use the Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell when wanting data from Active Directory.
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Dilip PatidarCommented:

Please refer the below URL. you can export the Users and Group in various format...


Dilip Patel
Mahmoud SabrySenior IT Systems EngineerCommented:
use the attached script
Mahmoud SabrySenior IT Systems EngineerCommented:
and u can select the fields you need from the excel file
tolinromeAuthor Commented:
That worked great. Thanks.
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