Applying values from Spreadsheet A to different repeating lines of data on Spreadsheet B with a common ID

I have a two large spreadsheet that needs to be combined from one line to many lines.
On spreadsheet A, one line of data applies to one ID match. However the ID match has several subsets of data that also needs to apply on Spreadsheet B. Below is an example.

Spreadsheet A:

*Lease #               Tract #    Record Date      Record Ref.      
L00029807025      1      7/29/2013      1308275              
L00029807025      1      10/31/2013      1311967        
L00029807025      1      7/29/2013      1308276            
L00029807027      1      11/01/2013       1308001            
L00029807027      1      10/31/2013      1311967            
L00029807028      1      2/3/2014         1308000            
L00029807028      1      10/31/2013      1311967            

Spreadsheet B

*Lease #                Tract #  
L00029807025      1    
L00029807025      2    
L00029807025      1
L00029807025      2
L00029807026      1
L00029807026      2
L00029807027      1
L00029807027      2
L00029807028      1
L00029807028      2
L00029807029      1
L00029807029      2
L00029807029      3

How the outcome should look like:

*Lease #                Tract #   Record Date     Record Ref.      
L00029807025      1            7/29/2013             1308275      
L00029807025      2           7/29/2013             1308275      
L00029807025      1          10/31/2013             1311967          
L00029807025      2           10/31/2013             1311967          
L00029807025      1           7/29/2013           1308276              
L00029807025      2           7/29/2013           1308276              
L00029807027      1          11/01/2013           1308001              
L00029807027      2          11/01/2013           1308001              
L00029807027      1           10/31/2013          1311967      
L00029807027      2          10/31/2013          1311967      
L00029807028      1           2/3/2014         1308000              
L00029807028      2          2/3/2014         1308000              
L00029807028      1          10/31/2013          1311967              
L00029807028      2         10/31/2013          1311967              

Points to remember:
*Not every value on spreadsheet B will be used
*The most important thing is that the lease and tract combo is hit on every line with the data. For example if lease Z has 3 tracts and is a match on spreadsheet A, all three tracts will have the same data line on the new spreadsheet.

I have the files if anyone needs the exact data.

Thank you!
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Jerry PaladinoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another version that will allow you to add / delete data from both tables and reproduce the output.   As noted, this is specific to the data you provided.   Adding / Deleting / Renaming columns of data may render it inoperable.

The VBA is written to work with the data provided.  

Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
Continuation of , where I posted the attached solution.

1. What was incorrect with my solution?
2. You still haven't answered my question:
Why do you have 3 lines labelled L00029807025 in A and 4 in B, but only 6 as the result?
mvill12Author Commented:
Phillip - how does it work it there is no match to spreadsheet B from spreadsheet A. I think I am a bit confused. Thanks!
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Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
MVill12, in the attached:

1. If it is in A but not B, the I've added a column in A saying "No Match" (column H).
2. If it is in B but not A, then columns F-I in spreadsheet C will be blank.

I hope you will be less confused.
Jerry PaladinoCommented:

If you would include the source files that would be easier to work with.   Also, in worksheet B, is it necessary to have duplicate entries such as the four below.   Not knowing the source and meaning of the data perhaps they need to be there for a reason but if the duplicates could be eliminated then a simple SQL statement will combine the two files and produce the results you are looking for.

Lease #                Tract #  
L00029807025      1    
L00029807025      2    
L00029807025      1
L00029807025      2
mvill12Author Commented:
Phillip - here's the exact file. I tried running your example but it giving me errors. Please use the lease number to look up the tract value.
mvill12Author Commented:

 Attached are the files with an example of how the final output should look like. Please use the lease number to look up the tract value.  Thanks!
Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
You should have provided this exact file yesterday. I do have enough to do without having to rework my example again just because you have decided to provide more data.

It only gives you errors because you have changed the structure of the data by adding new columns, not because my answer was incorrect.

The answer for your data is attached. FINIS.
Jerry PaladinoCommented:
Please look over the Final Results worksheet in the attached workbook and let me know if this is the results you are expecting.
mvill12Author Commented:
Jerry was even nice enough to create a spreadsheet with the output!! Highly recommend Jerry for any of your questions.
mvill12Author Commented:
Hi Phillip - the numbers were still a bit off but thank you for helping me out.
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