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IIS rewrite from an IIS web site to a site on a SharePoint server.

Hi, we have an old .NET application running on IIS 7 that has been redeveloped in Sharepoint.  
The issue I am having problems with is all the OLD links and favourites that people have lay around.  We can just switch off and break them so need to find some way of redirecting to the same source document but in SharePoint.

For example:

We need it to be redirected BY IIS7 on  to

The BOLD bit is the actual document name and stays the same.

The old link could start with ANY of :-

The new link will always start with:-  followed by the document name.

Any ideas on how this could be achieved?


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Mohit Nair
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Try adding an entry in IIS > IIS redirect. There you would find an option to put the old url and redirect to url.
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Well ok given the above, can you explain how that is achieved?
Add a redirect is hardly an answer to a question that explain in depth exactly what needs to be achieved.
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Regardless of how I do the rule It seems to be ignored and I get a 404 error for ANY url starting with
With a little work I finally have a working redirect now :D