MySQL While do Syntax Errors

Good night, i am trying to translate this script into MySQL. In fact, i have made a progress of this little snippet.
Could you please tell me what am i doing wrong?


id int,
trainingId int 

SET @row_number:=0;
insert into mydb.VAR001 
select @row_number:=@row_number+1 AS row_number, trainingId from mydb.tb_trainingHistoryStatus where userId = 77423 and trainingStatusId = 2 
group by trainingId;

DECLARE MIN INT default 0;
DECLARE MAX INT default 0;

SET MIN := ( SELECT MIN(id) FROM mydb.VAR001 );
SET MAX := ( SELECT MAX(id) FROM mydb.VAR001 );

select * from mydb.VAR001



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1- The tempoarary table could duplicate on execution time because of threads correct?
2- I get an error on the While statement
3- generally i cannot run from BEGIN to END without problems. I get several errors.

Thank you very much for your advice
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Can you describe what it is you actually want to achieve?

You might not need a temp table at all, but I cannot suggest an alternative without knowing more about the objective.

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JavierVeraAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help., i have found the issue. What i wanted is to get somewhat like an anonymous block in order to test the while sentence i am building.
So far, i got to run this script from a Java app. And it've worked nicely.
Apart of this, in the snipped i pasted earlier i find that i missed the DECLARE statement wich is NOT at the begginning of the script and this is a must when building procedures.
thanks for your time.
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