Is there ways to do redundant DNS for email and/or websites?

We have an exchange server and several web server applications. Yesterday we experienced some major outages with our DNS provider 1and1 on our domains. We were unable to receive emails due to MX records not found and also our users could not access our websites to access our web applications. All of these issues occurred due to our DNS provider being down or having major issues. Is there a way to have redundant DNS providers or services on the same domain? I am looking for failover or backup solution in case one DNS provider goes down. Does such a thing exist?
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Jan SpringerCommented:
I always recommend at least two DNS authoritative servers running under different ASNs (via different providers).

Don't set your expire too short in case the master goes down, you don't want the slave to expire the data too soon thereafter.

I like for secondary DNS services.
LRAAAuthor Commented:
We are looking into which is to host all of our records on multiple dns server throughout the country.

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Jan SpringerCommented:
I object.  dpcsit gave a an excellent answer.
Not worried about it, but thanks. I just wanted to build more resources for others to find answers as I use this site way more then I help build it!
LRAAAuthor Commented:
We found our solution.
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