Canon IXUS 145 (=ELPH135): which SD card should I select (data transfer rate) ?


I am not sure which SD card to buy for a Canon IXUS 145 compact camera. The camera is also known under the brand Canon ELPH135.
The seller recommends SD or SDHC or SDXC. A test report tells me the battery is empty after 2 hours of high resolution filming, so I guess more than 8 GB make no sense. But which speed should the SD card have ? It makes no sense having a speed much higher than the camera hardware supports, but on theother hand I do not want that the camera compresses my movies just because else the SD writing speed is too low. So what writing speed should I look for ?

- Sonja
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For video, which is really your only concern here, I would go for any card that does over 40mb/s. You really don't need a try extreme speed or professional class card, this camera only shoots 720p, not full 1080 HD video.

SD cards are rated at max. obtainable speeds but never expect to get that speed.
That said... SD cards last longer than cameras (usually)... so get a high speed card (SDHC) so that you can use it in your next upgrade of camera.
Cards are very cheap and you will probably have times that you can recharge the camera battery but cannot upload the SD cards data so the extra memory is required.
I always carry 2 or 3 spare SD cards when I travel.
The difference in cost of 4GB vs 8GB is not double, so get 8GB SDHC so that speed and storage space is never a concern.
Sonja_MAuthor Commented:
best Michael & LHerrou

thanks for your advice. And what would happen if my card is too slow for a movie ? Would then the camera compress too much, or would it just skip a few images of the movie (meaning: the camera produces less than ideal movies without telling me about the problem), or would it produce an error message ?

- Sonja
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"And what would happen if my card is too slow for a movie ?"

The camera will freeze and you will likely (not capture) or loose most (if not all)  of your video.

8GB SDHC cards are cheap @ $8
Sonja_MAuthor Commented:
LHerrou & Michael-Best,

thank you both for your advice !

yours, Sonja
Your pictures and video are valuable, to risk that the data may not be stored due to a cheap low speed SD card is not an option worth risking to save $2
Some cheaper cards have problems such a "weak contacts"
Read more from my accepted answer:

I have had such an experience when I took hundreds of photos thinking they were great as shown on the cameras screen... but when I tried to upload the photos to my PC, I found that many were corrupt files due to the bad SD.

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Sonja_MAuthor Commented:
Hi Michael-Best,

so your experience with cheap SD cards is rather in opposition to your statement that I will get an error in case the sd card is too slow. Of course the aim is not to safe 2 $, but first to understand the behaviour of the camera, together with unsuitable sd cards.

- Sonja
Out of the use of over 40 SD cards I have had 2 with "weak contacts"
They were cheap = on sale, although all my SD cards came with a "lifetime guarantee" it has no point if photos or video has been lost (SD card purchase receipts lost, too ...)

I may have provided too many variables to your original question.

I wish to clarify that:

Your SD card must be faster than your camera unless you are using a more expensive camera with a data buffer memory.
The use of a slow SD card in fast camera is asking for failure of video & or photo capture.
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