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IE keeps crashing , please see screen shot...

IE keeps crashing, please look at screen shot to see errors. it happens constantly. help
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Did you try to reset IE?
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Yes I did, same results
Do you have Windows 7 with IE 11?
In addition to trying the suggestion above, also remove (disable) all plug-ins. Many plug-ins in IE conflict and cause problems.

Are you using IE 32-bit (assuming Windows is 64-bit). Use 32-bit Windows.

Run System File Checker:  Open an admin command prompt and run SFC /SCANNOW twice. Allow to complete and restart.

Test after all the above.
I'm on windows 7 pro 64- but running IE 10
Hi john, I'll do the scannow
Another thing that's happening is every minute or so a sound plays. Like if you hit a piano note. And sometimes it does it like 15 xs in a row and nobody is using it.
IE crash from plug-ins and the need to reset does not cause sounds.

This now sounds for sure like a virus or other malware. Scan with your own anti virus application and then with Malwarebytes (
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Have you tried to reset IE, by going into options. For more information on this try this:
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What type of pc?
Do you have latest video drivers installed?
 I'll te ya System restore, this started happening about a month ago. I'll also try a repair and get back with results.
Did you install the update KB3008923 ?
If yes uninstall it and check. It was a bad update from december.
IE11 was updated for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 today (12/17/2014). Did you do these updates in addition to the other things you were going to try.
frankbustos --
I am not aware of any IE11 Updates today (12/17), but that does not mean there are not any.

However there were several last Tuesday (12/09) and one was a problem--KB3004394.  MS subsequently offered a fix to uninstall the problem Update.
Maybe you need to install an run KB3024777
@jcimarron - They both came after 5pm today and as Important Updates on both machines.

I was fully up to date as of this morning on both machines.
Thanks, John.  I got mine today.
frankbustos ----
Among the problems from last week's Windows Updates was one that affected IE 9 and 11.  The fix for IE 11 should now be offered to you but if not, you can get it here.

This is what John Hurst has mentioned twice.
Hi guys,

Any updates ? Last week for IE9 it was fine and starting today the issue came back.

sorry for the late reply, a repaired worked thanks!
Glad to hear the good news.  You are welcome.