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Where is RAID configuration stored for LSI20320C-HP card?

I have an HP ProLiant ML350 with an LSI20320C-HP Raid card. I think the card is going bad because after running for weeks if I reboot the system sometimes it will not find a valid boot drive.

My question is, what do I have to do to install a new Raid Card? Where is the RAID configuration stored? When I pull out the old card does the RAID configuration go with it? How do I install the replacement card without wiping the data on the drives?
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It looks like that board does not have any RAID configuration options:
in general the raid config is stored on the drives. this means that a failed controller can be replaced without losing your data.

In most cases, connect all drives to the new raid card and you should look for an option to import a 'foreign config' which will recreate the old raid.

This works in most cases, but can fail in the following circumstances:
one of the original disks is missing from the raid set
the new raid card doesn't support the raid type used on the disks
some cheap raid cards that just don't seem to work

DavisMcCarn is right though, the card you've specified doesn't seem to do RAID.
What OS?

Does Disk Management have a bunch of different colours, or different colours, that indicate RAID 1, RAID 5, or other RAID configuration?

Given the age of the SCSI card me thinks the "RAID" is being handled by Windows Server.

You could post a snip of Disk Management for us to have a look at.

Make sure your backups are good!
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My mistake. The unit also has a Smart Array E200I Controller. When I opened the box I saw the LSI card and just assumed it was the controller for the raid.
Here is the support page for your Smart Array E200 (/64 or /128?) controller:

It looks like you need the HP ProLiant Offline Array Configuration Utility (American, International); but, also need to choose the proper O/S.  Its in the System Management section.
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I am not presently onsite , so I cannot look at it. But, I assume since it is a E200i , that it is integrated on the motherboard, because it is not in one of the PCi slots..
Many posts I found point to problems with the drive backplane or the cable connecting it to the controller.
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Ok, thanks. I'll check all the cabling.
That's a cheap entry level card,you're better off using windows raid.
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Thank You andyalder for the good info. Thant helps tremendously to understand I can use another smart array raid card. I will also check on the boot order.
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I finally got back to this machine and was able to untangle the cables to find out that the integrated raid controller is used for the HDD and the LSI card is only used for the tape drive. So, I reseated all the cables and will go from there.
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Thanks for all your info.