Outlook emails are changing to "Read"

I have multiple devices that I used to read my email including an Android tablet, Android phone, Surface Pro 3, and a notebook computer. For some reason, some of my emails are getting marked as "read" when they come in. This is causing me problems because of the sheer volume of emails that I have to read and I am missing some emails because I primarily focus on new "unread" emails when I open my email on whatever device I am currently using. Anyone have any idea why emails might be changing to "read"?
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bbaldwinConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I think I found that my Android email must have been doing this. I turned off the tablet and the problem stopped.
If you are using POP3 on one of the devices, it usually marks the item as read after downloading - check that all devices are using activesync
bbaldwinAuthor Commented:
Yes, all devices are you using Activesync and by the way, we are using Office 365 for our email server.
bbaldwinAuthor Commented:
Just got an update from Android and the problem seems to go away.
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