unique filter

i just import some dates and would like to perform a unique filter on the dates by month and then by year .
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If you are looking for a formula, this will do it
for first one


and for second one,



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ok first of all you need here an Array formula which is a formula that is represented by { .... } and this is achieved when the formula is in the cell to save it you press CTRL SHIFT then while holding then you press ENTER.

Second we cannot get the formula directly from Column A and D as already these columns although shows a Year and Month Year they are in fact a formatted cell underneath which the real value is a date. So if we apply on these 2 columns a formula to get unique values we will get the unique 'date values' that are not necessary what your looking for we will get several 2012 ..... several 2013 etc... which presume this is not what you want.

In order to achieve what you want we need to create real values and not formatted values on which we will apply the unique formula. I have created in the attached file real values of Column A and D which are in Column F and G in Yellow. As you can see now the values are not date but text.

Now in Column I and J respectively in Row1  we put the following formula

Cell I1 put this formula:
then Press on CTRL and SHIFT and while pressing on them click on ENTER you will then see that the formula has 2 brackets. Now drag this formula down until you get Zeroes.

Cell J1 put this formula:
then Press on CTRL and SHIFT and while pressing on them click on ENTER you will then see that the formula has 2 brackets. Now drag this formula down until you get Zeroes.

Pls check the attach file.

BTW, my formulas to be entered in O7 and Q7 respectively. Adjust the O6 and the Q6 part if you want to put this formulas in different cells. Also it's an array formula. Entered with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

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Hakan YılmazTechnical Office MEP EngineerCommented:
If you just want to see what unique values in a list; you can use "Remove Duplicates" in the "Data" tab.

You may look here for more information about filtering unique values or removing duplicate values.
Hakan YılmazTechnical Office MEP EngineerCommented:
For your case, you can use TEXT function to get the same formatting of a value as text.
After that you can paste values to get all your formatted values as text.
Then you can remove duplicate values or filter unique values to another place.

1 - Get your format string from format cells dialog.
Cell format string2 - Use TEXT function to get your values as text.
TEXT function3 - Copy and Paste as Values

4 - Advanced filter to get unique values.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
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