Best IT Infrastructure Monitoring tool for the Enterprise

I working on a project which requires for us to monitor and entire IT infrastructure. In terms of size, consider it enterprise. Past the servers, I do not yet know the quantities of appliances but consider the numbers to be in the enterprise range. The company consist of about 6000's employees in over 75 countries.

600 windows servers
1000 linux servers
EMC avamar's
F5 LB's

Within our linux/windows servers, we want to monitor sql, applications and other software within the servers.

I've used nagios open source in the past. But here I am at a new company with a bigger budget. They currently have tons of tools ( some from solar winds) but I was asked if I can do some research on the single best IT infrastructure monitoring system for us to keep an eye on a single display panel and oversee all nodes and applications in our network.
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I came from HPOV/MRTG/PRTG, etc., but have been a Solarwinds user for years and would heartily recommend them.
Reason? Specifically to your desire to see a lot of things on a single panel, and monitor your routing/switching/storage/virtualization/LB in one place. As a company, they've really grown a lot over the past three to five years, significantly expanding the functionality and integration of their modules into the NPM platform. SAM is the module that will effectively monitor your apps and software (and to a real extent SQL). If you want to be a DBA's friend and dive deep, then their DPA product (recently acquired from Confio) will give you strong visibility into the DB side of things. You can download 30-day trials of any module or modules with full functionality and check them out - I recommend this. Plus, with a full-function trial you can show your business what the real deal will look like.
Good luck!
tobe1424Author Commented:
they are actually considering promoting me to a monitoring engineer.

I need to gather with all teams and see exactly what do they want to monitor and how to stay proactive.

I will look into NPM

Right now here is what our teams consist of alongside their monitoring application.

Security - tripwire
Network - orion
-corporate servers team - CA Spectrum

which brings up the question... CA spectrum vs solarwinds NPM ?

thanks for the input
I used Spectrum in an old shop some years ago, so I don't have a lot of recent experience with it - but examine pricing closely based on the size of your shop. Also, if you install a trial of the SAM (Server and Applicaton Monitor) in your environment, try to monitor a couple app servers or other things that your server team looks at with CA. Do a compare. There are proprietary pieces in the CA solution that people get accustomed to and you may get some resistance there, but just take a moment if you have a sandbox and show them what SAM can do you for you. An interesting budget number would be to collect from your security and servers teams what their annual spend is for the tripwire and CA products, and then compare that to a like-to-like Solarwinds license number. CA's a strong product, no doubt - but it's expensive. Just my 2c.

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tobe1424Author Commented:
Thanks again..

one more thing I forgot to mention. We have plenty of Citrix farms in here too.
tobe1424Author Commented:
i hope solarwinds can also help out with Citrix. I am trying to save the company money. So I see how doing a side by side comparison would tell me whether or not CA has some resistance with their proprietary pieces.
tobe1424Author Commented:
So does any of this products offer a resilient approach at monitoring Citrix than the other?

Thanks so much for your valuable responses.
I haven't personally monitored Citrix with Solarwinds, but their Virtualization Manager module/standalone product does a nice job for Vmware-aware monitoring and performance measurement. What precisely are you trying to get out of your Citrix monitoring?
tobe1424Author Commented:
I suppose the same or similar core components that we would monitor on  a vmware / hyper V system. I see that the monitoring tool from solarwinds only supports those two hypervisors.
That's true. Custom pollers (SNMP query compilations) can be built to pull anything that can be taken from SNMP into a web view, though.
madunix (Fadi SODAH)Commented:
I do nagios; I think Nagios XI 
is the most powerful IT infrastructure monitoring solution on the market;Nagios XI is a commercial product provides an easier interface and many additional features
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