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We have 1 pub and two subs.  All located across Oklahoma. We had a meet me this morning and 95 % of streams when through 1 sub.  They should have went through CM2 locally here but went to CM3 which is not where they should have went. In RTMT, out of 88 streams only 6 went to CM2. The meet me call had a lot of qos issues and I suspect this is part of the issue. Can anyone tell my how its decided which call manager handles the meet me?   The person who initiated the call is registered in CM2.

THanks, John
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José MéndezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure what you are referring to by "streams", maybe you can clarify what you were looking at in RTMT.

MeetMe conferences are handled by one conference bridge at a time. The way that bridge is selected works like this: The person who initiates the conference using the Meetme softkey invokes the conference feature, and CM looks within the MRGL configured on that device to see which MRGs it contains. IF there is no MRGL then the MRGL of the device pool is used.

CM searches within each MRG in order, top to bottom trying to find a suitable conference bridge, BUT, if there are multiple options within an MRG, it selects one randomly. If nothing found within the first MRG, it moves to the following.

So if all the participants in that conference were local to the conference bridge that the Meetme initiator invoked, you want to make sure that within the MRGL of the phone invoking the feature, the only resources in the first MRG are the local ones.
JobeethemageAuthor Commented:
Also, we are on SIP trunks.
JobeethemageAuthor Commented:
JobeethemageAuthor Commented:
As always willywilburwonka has the answer.  He was correct.  The media resource group was using the wrong CB.
José MéndezCommented:
Glad to hear it helped
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