The quintessence of the current international politics

Here seems a depiction of it:
International politics
Do you have any comments about it?
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Hard to say much that is useful about the image in the question. Attempting to "spy" on other governments has been an understood part of international politics since society started. Without knowing what might have been an initiating cause in this case, and potentially also without knowing what might have been learned, there's no way to be sure about any of it. Maybe the only meaningful comment is to ask "Why is this asked about current international politics?"

I'm not concerned much about the apparent original question subject except perhaps that it became public. Every few years, some similar scandal hits the news and "spying" gets some publicity. The methods used in this case possibly could've been better hidden. Perhaps, though, methods of detection are simply better in that technical area.

I actually like SunBow's image better and I'm more concerned about it. If some thought is put into it, it's possible to see hints of more convergence of the two sides depicted by the image. Fortunately, they're mostly just hints; but it can be troubling to think of how far they could go without constant resistance against pressures.

One trend seems possible in areas related to Snopes: True/false? "Michigan has passed a law exempting emergency medical personnel from treating gay people.". Most likely, that bill, and other similar ones in other states, won't result in the worst scenarios. The lesser scenarios seem somewhat more likely, i.e., individuals making claims in court cases to protection under such laws, resulting in disruption of the lives of others. Hard to guess what the frequency might be.

Some of the difficulty in guessing would be because those court cases would occur in states that passed the laws. There is potentially a slightly greater chance of courts siding with the claimants in those states.

But what has me paying attention is just trying to watch for trends. As such, I look at such laws as an opening towards a convergence with Sharia law. I can picture SunBow's image modified to fit that thought. To be sure, it's a long way away. But the first times that laws are upheld when they've been used to allow discrimination will be the first steps. Resistance against those steps will always be needed.

Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Cute picture.
That is one sum, especially given the lighter treatment to the infamous leakage of US 'spying'.

The following may be more current but less enduring:
Lotsa data/little 'news.,37657/
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Antonin Scalia’s spirited defense of torture 12/15/14

Pope Francis: Torture is a mortal sin - 2014-06-23

er, wasn't $calia claiming to be Catholic?

Tom > trying to watch for trends. As such, I look at such laws as an opening towards a convergence with Sharia law. I

Some of far right (Tea for few $) actually proposing subverting current law of land, replacing with land of law of god. Long way to that, but how they are already going so far ...

John McCain: The Anti-Cheney on Torture - By ANDREW ROSENTHAL  DECEMBER 16, 2014
“We convicted and hung Japanese war criminals for waterboarding Americans after World War II,” he said.. "It’s about us and what kind of a country we were and what we are and what we will be.”
Mr. McCain also disputed assertions from the C.I.A. and Mr. Cheney that “nobody in the Senate objected” to the use of torture
Yeah, long way to go.

...As long as resistance continues at least as strongly in opposition.

viki2000Author Commented:
Obama has thin legs, while Putin seems stable ... and Angela is flirting with who suits her...
The boots of Putin indicate that he can step without fear in any direction.
Obama looks like a lean intellectual, wonky, skinny, wearing shabby and with visible health problems ...which do not make him appealing, while Putin is a cool "bad boy", well made vigorous and ready for action...
And Merkel obviously prefers a "well made" guy, strong and vigorous ...
In this flirt Merkel plays a kind of Babushka for RasPutin, while Obama seems a disguised velvet shaky Rambo.
Babushka has a double expression as Gioconda, the smile of a flirt being afraid.
viki2000Author Commented:
Let's see how this picture changes in 2015.
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