What server is needed to broadcast 10 full hd channels?

Hi experts,
I'm facing this issue I want to consult on.
I need to broadcast 10 HD channels on the web, to about 5k users ,that will watch them on their satellite receivers.
What kind of hosting service do I need to accomplish this and what kind of software do I need to upload from my
satellite receiver to the server and then from the server to the net ,compressed perhaps ,and then what kind of plugin software do I need to install on the clients' receiver and what kind should the receiver be.

I need to know in general how much all that costs and how it is accomplished ,but then I also need to go over it in great detail!

Any help would be appreciated.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
You definitely do not want to do the heavy lifting so you should consider Akami, Cachefly, Azure, Amazon S3 to act as Content Delivery Networks.  I would suggest using Azure Batch to do the encoding at different bit levels and have the different bit levels available.

Your problem will be with just the 10 HD channels (you will need some soft of capture appliance) to get the data to the encoder, which then goes to the CDN's.  11.25 gigabytes/channel or 112.5/Gigabytes per hour of upload speed.

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How much do 5000 internet connections and 5000 NEW satellite receivers to work with those cost?

Compared to that server costs like crumbs.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
You first have to determine what the acceptable quality at the consumer end is going to be as this will determine the bit rate you will have to achieve. Once you know that you can size your server/servers and infrastructure (storage, network etc) to fit
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HD video is 4Mbps AVC 4.1
For 5000 users you need one of internet-wide CDNs like Akamai (Or 200Mbps internet connection in your office)
Your server is not so important. More important for your own CDN is that you dont pay for megabytes.
aboo_sAuthor Commented:
I have cable internet connection ,can make the several goes up to 100Mbits download stream I'm not so sure about the upload but will sure not exceed 100Mbits. In 1and1 they have dedicated servers that can serve up to 1Gbit/s trafic they have ssd drives with 1 terra storage.Linux/Windows.

Now does this help in anyway ? And where exactly does this Akami fit in?
You need 200Gbps to serve the TV == two thousand cable connections.
I've been monitoring this question quietly.  I think we all know technically what you want to do, however what logically do you want to do?

Are you starting a business to broadcast HD movies on-demand?  Are you going to do streaming of live events in HD?  Are you providing "at home" education for some school system?

I am assuming you are doing something for a business as I doubt that anybody would start a hobby to do this type of thing.

As you can see doing HD broadcasts to thousands of end points takes a LOT of bandwidth.
aboo_sAuthor Commented:
hi all,
I am evaluating if I am going to go through with this , the thing is I am asked to be broadcasting a satellite station over the net ,hence Full HD 24/7. Now I want to know how I will be able to do this.

No I know this will take a lot of BandWidth, I actually am not sure if it is technically possible ! That's why I first wanted to consult!
It is technically possible using multicast. But that usually works in providers private networks, as some of them tend to kill multicast.
10 primary streams of 4Mbps sounds a piece of cake for infrastructure you have, but distribution infrastructure really is not.
aboo_sAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your time and kindness.
I am not going through with this project at the moment ,for the technicalities don't add up with me.
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