How do I resolve ipv6 to hostname

Hi experts,

I have a couple of hosts on our network that are pingable using their ipv6 address and I want to find out what either their hostnames or IPv4 address is so I can track them down.

Is there a command Iine I can run to find this out?

We are running a Windows bases platform.

Thank you for your help in advance.
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JamesConnect With a Mentor Senior Cloud Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Try ping hostname -4 and see if this works. This will give you the IPv4 address.


Sc0tAuthor Commented:
When I try and ping hostname -4 the following message is displayed:

Ping request could not find host  <ip6 address>. Please check the name and try again.

I am able to ping the address successfully if I remove the -4 at the end of the command.
Perform an nslookup on the host from the command prompt.
If there are v4 and v6 entries, it'll show up there.
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