Remove first column from a 2d array

Posted on 2014-12-12
Last Modified: 2014-12-15
Is it possible using VBA only (no copying to excel etc.) to remove the first column in both the the first and second dimension?

Sample array
MyArr(1, 1) =  "Apple"
MyArr(1, 2) =  "Bannana"
MyArr(1, 3) =  "Pear"
MyArr(1, 4) =  "Orange"
MyArr(1, 5) =  "Cherry"

Desired result
MyArr(1, 1) =  "Bannana"
MyArr(1, 2) =  "Pear"
MyArr(1, 3) =  "Orange"
MyArr(1, 4) =  "Cherry"
Question by:MacroShadow
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pls try

Option Base 1
Sub Macro()

myArr(1, 1) = "Apple"
myArr(1, 2) = "Bannana"
myArr(1, 3) = "Pear"
myArr(1, 4) = "Orange"
myArr(1, 5) = "Cherry"
For i = 1 To UBound(myArr, 2) - 1
  myArr(1, i) = myArr(1, i + 1)
Next i
ReDim Preserve myArr(1, UBound(myArr, 2) - 1)

End Sub

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Expert Comment

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And why not simplify

myArr(1) = "Apple"
myArr(2) = "Bannana"
myArr(3) = "Pear"
myArr(4) = "Orange"
myArr(5) = "Cherry"
For i = 1 To UBound(myArr) - 1
  myArr(i) = myArr(i + 1)
Next i
ReDim Preserve myArr(UBound(myArr) - 1)

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Accepted Solution

krishnakrkc earned 500 total points
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    Dim x, y, i As Long, MyArr()
    ReDim MyArr(1 To 2, 1 To 5)
    MyArr(1, 1) = "Apple"
    MyArr(1, 2) = "Bannana"
    MyArr(1, 3) = "Pear"
    MyArr(1, 4) = "Orange"
    MyArr(1, 5) = "Cherry"
    MyArr(2, 1) = "Apple"
    MyArr(2, 2) = "Bannana"
    MyArr(2, 3) = "Pear"
    MyArr(2, 4) = "Kris"
    MyArr(2, 5) = "Sam"
    x = Evaluate("Row(1:" & UBound(MyArr, 1) & ")")
    y = Evaluate("transpose(Row(2:" & UBound(MyArr, 2) & "))")
    MyArr = Application.Index(MyArr, x, y)

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Author Comment

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 It cannot be simplified because the array is populated from a range (MyArr = Sheets(1).Range("A1:G56").Value) which always creates a 2d array.
MyArray may contain several rows, your code won't work in such a case.

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