latest innovations for office chair..

could you recommend reasonably priced but more innovative and an alternative to traditional chairs that can be tested and deployed for a set of
employees who sit for 10 hours a day on the desk with PC or laptop with eye focus on screen and minimal clicking and less typing.

Perhaps the focus is to help them with less back pain and also not to be bored just sitting in one position.

could there be more than regular chairs?
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
In my home- office I have a standard office, but I regularly switch to my kneeling chair which looks like this

I also built a standing desk at my dormer window. Here are some pics of commercially available ones

It's hard to stand all day (and can lead to swollen ankles),
but standing for a few hours a day has great health benefits
So the latest innovation in office chairs is probably .... no chair!
And you do need comfy shoes .... not high heels!

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You said it 25112,
So the latest innovation in office chairs is probably .... no chair! well just for half an hour.
Standing up is more recommended, have an adjustable height table or a standing table, no shoes, incorporate some isometrics.
You may have noticed many TV corporates and IT organization have introduced this now.
The benefits of a standing table or ball
Some institutions have introduced a combined office break every 2 or three hours and all the staff do a little workout . Just the interaction creates a good place to work.
Google has incorporated this and they are famous.
Google Headquarters like a playground
The Fittest Companies in America
Really standing up for half an hour, just shove the chair back and raise the table. this is the solution saves money makes peoples healthy and keeps the mind active.
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from the above it is clear that no solution is perfect
the best is to keep changing the way you stand, sit or hang, so more muscles are used, and less get strained into immobility
> that can be tested and deployed for a set of
employees who sit for 10 hours a day on the desk

Keyword: ergonomic.

You need common set, not knowing who sits where when. first two selections were for adjustable height, then for adjustable tilt. Of course they swivel (not three legged 'stool') with rollers.

Next came five (5) legs, for with four people would still lean back and fall over.

For testing, among failures I think was for arms of chair, something about how they can hit desk and get bothered, with gluing or dye. One I remember was preferable anyway, more bottom padding and back support.

The display should also be able to tilt - a large flat screen. Some prefer a tray beneath the desk to place KB and mouse, arm at right angle.

> recommend reasonably priced

No. Although lower price for same feature desired, the affect to persons health affects productivity. Adverse productivity more costly.

> help them with less back pain

I once saw organization pass around a group purchase for add-on to chair's back. (where's mine?) No comment on effectiveness.

>  swollen ankles

although frowned on by management, allowing staff to put their feet up/kick back, would be nicer policy.

nobus >  it is clear that no solution is perfect

Agreed. One change was letting people retain prior chair version, get handme-down, BYO. That led to some using highback (managerial) and my use of the cushy bottomed rejects. Unfortunately it also led to single chair only policy, where we'd had a 'visitor' side chair for ever so many years. Boo. To adjust to some 'issues' it'd been nice to be able to swap chairs during day. So I come back to desk and find no chair situation ('borrowed'). Sorry, am unable to stand for long.

Some with back issues brought in own chair.

nobus > sitting ball
Eirman > kneeling chair

Saw them, tried briefly, they do seem surprizingly ok - for short term at least.

Merete > standing up for half an hour, just shove the chair back and raise the table.

No thanks/not a chance, as in I cannot stand for many seconds, let alone minutes or hours. But if it is so easily reconfigurable, without the visitor chair, and for multiple visitors, that sounds like a better deal.

Merete > no shoes
Eirman > not high heels!

Yeah. For one new position/place of work, I'd gone from seeing 'office' staff wearing comfortable shoes to/from work, then changing shoes, to office where most had ankle length skirts. Some sandals - painted nails, some sneakers, some dunno. I tried moccasins. Tried/preferred no shoes. Some others did. Then saw some would switch to heels when leaving work, others to shorts while bearing tennis racket.

25112 > could there be more

More on breaks and less the tedious do-nothing tasks, provide 2nd computer, begin to use it for email, then permit 'some' personal (choice) use. Then...

Allow time to get up and go for coffee - 'in-house'. Walking is better than standing for getting circulation going.

Break should be permitted to go outside. Access to windows otherwise.

I found benefit to trees, looking at changing season. At 1st I thought it the wider range of color, then recognized it was the distance, the change in focal point, where it'd been so constant and close for so long.

- Good Luck!
don't forget that a bed is very useful for relaxing muscles  also!!!!
Large pillows and soft firm couch, fans, balloons, coffee, doughnuts and chocolates, swimming pool, weight room, play room for kids

As a teen, I had boss who kept wages in check, but had swimming pool stocked fish pond, shooting range - bow, arrow, shotgun; moved on with americana to publish encyclopedia and novel exercise machine. I moved on to school, bankers moved in on him and paved over swimming pool to build more offices for bean counters.
I did not read all the comments above and I did not went through all the links, but I would recommend massaging chair, my boss has one. I think is relaxing. You can find them on Amazon or other online websites using the keyword "Office Massaging Chairs".
Here is another website:

Or maybe just add a massage mat:

Some people say that earthing relaxes and gives energy. At least I heard from a friend of a colleague that sleeps 10 times better using the earthing mat:
and i saw on tv that we sit too much, and exercising out body increases our brain activity positively,
so maybe we don't need so much chairs after all
Well, we need retain stool less than good ole rocker that swivels and can be easily pushed out of way. For more, go out among trees to see whats up, or to window to check weather, who's carrying umbrella or not, what direction they are walking, which way the wind blows ...
"which way the wind blows ..." ?
Well, this time is coming from the screen of the PC and is called hypnotizing  electromagnetic radiation, which keeps you stuck in one position for many hours and you forget about window, weather, trees and sky. When you wake up you have a back pain and you think at a better office chair...
25112Author Commented:
truly refreshing choices.. thank you!
Lol thank you 25112.
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