I need to recover files lost when client did a factory reset on his windows 7 system. I see locked older files but can not unlock them no matter what i try

I need to recover files lost when client did a factory reset on his windows 7 system.  I see locked older files but can not unlock them no matter what i try
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What kind of software is responsible for this "factory reset"?
From the sound of it, I would say he simply re-installed windows on the same partition ,which usually is a bad idea!

Anyway ,things can be fixed hopefully ,you need to download and install a file recovery tool ,there are tons of them out there ,some are free and get the job done.

This kind of software simply cycles through the hard drive and look for any parts of files and try to put together and give them a name. This kind of software can usually tell if the file put together is a photo or a document and so on.

Hope this helps.
CDS-JBCAuthor Commented:
I am not sure what software to try.  I tried ReCova, but it stops working after it gets to about 4%.
Well then get another software ,try Wise Data Recovery.
Try downloading and installing superantispyware first run it on your pc to see if any spam or ad ware ,cause Recuva shouldn't stop at 4%.

Good luck.
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1) do not indstall anything on the drive where the data is.
if possible, remove the drive and attach it to another system where the file recovery software is installed.  do not try recovering the data back to the drive.
CDS-JBCAuthor Commented:
I installed the other software program already.  I see a documents and settings folder dated later than when he did the factory reset, but it is locked.  I cannot get the file to unlock.  Do you have a suggestion?  I need to see if there are any files in there.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Document and settings isn't a real folder .. the files are in c:\users\username instead

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Once you restore the files to another drive, you would as administrator take ownership of the files.  As David pointed out documents and settings is a place holder, you need to look at <driveletter>:\users.
i have recovered data from such a system with GetDataBack : http://www.runtime.org/      

you can run it for free, select the sustained OS damage for running, and see what it finds -  then pay for storing the data

of ciourse, i cannot guarantee that you'll recover everything!
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