Cell phones (only) connect to wifi but no internet

I have a client that I just connected their wireless Netgear router to their network as an access point. It works fine with laptop's & PC's with wireless. But not so well with cell phones, both Android & iPhone. All of the laptop's & PC's can get on the internet fine thru the wireless AP, but none of the cell phones can get to the internet.

The cell phones connect fine to the wireless & show a great signal, but that's it. Neither Chrome or Safari can get to the internet. Many of the apps that use the internet also can't get on.

It has to be something not right about the AP & cell phones. If you go to the AP & check the connections to it, you can see the cell phones.

Since the computers can access the internet thru the AP & the cell phones can at least connect to the wireless network, it has to be something about how the cell phones access the internet.

I have turned off & on the wireless on the phones, as well as turn the phones off & removing the battery & restarting them with no joy. I have tried another new router & the same thing happens. Computers fine, cell phones not.

Any suggestions or explanations as to how the cell phones connect to the internet thru AP's any differently than computers??
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Rob GMicrosoft Systems EngineerCommented:
Is it a dual band netgear?

Most of them come with a 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ setting, some support both, but most of the time you need to turn off 5GHZ for cell phones to be able to connect and work on the internet.

Turn off 5GHZ and give that a try..
BlinkrAuthor Commented:
No it is a 2.4GHz only. Thanks!

Does anyone know if there is a specific "band" that cell phones use...for example, B or G or N? Would this have anything to do with access the internet over the cell phones?
Rob GMicrosoft Systems EngineerCommented:
Most should be using G. I do believe that some of the newer Iphones, and Phablets use N, but they should also be able to work on B or G.
Do you know what model of Netgear it is?
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Rob GMicrosoft Systems EngineerCommented:
What kind of authentication are you using on the Access points?
are you using straight up WPA/WPA2 or are you using windows integrated authentication with a certificate?
BlinkrAuthor Commented:
I believe it is a WNR3700. The default SSID is "NETGEAR65".

I have it setup with WPA2/Personal - AES. It is in a very small business with only 2 or 3 wireless connections that are mainly cell phones.
Rob GMicrosoft Systems EngineerCommented:
There's your issues..
WPA2/Personal - with AES does not work on all android devices.
Android on samsung hardware, and HTC, do not support the WPA2 with AES but do support the TKIP method for security. The Iphone on the other hand does not support WPA2/Personal - AES on Iphone version 5s or older. Iphone 6 i believe does support this.. But that has not been tested by me yet..

If you drop it to WPA you shouldn't have these issues...

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BlinkrAuthor Commented:
That's great!! Thanks for that!! I will go to my clients & change the security & report back. I sure hope this works because I'm about to go nuts.

So you are saying the Android & iPhone 5S & older don't support the AES encryption but do support the TKIP, correct?
BlinkrAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob G!! That did the trick. I changed the encryption, rebooted the router, & now everything is working as far as Android is concerned. I didn't have an iPhone to check that, but client said they would check it & get back to me.
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