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Posted on 2014-12-16
Last Modified: 2014-12-27
Hi experts,
I need write three work objectives, I must describe what I'm aiming to achieve during the next year and how I'll measure the outcome of each objective.  My Reviewer told me that the objectives should be S.M.A.R.T. but above all, they must be MEASURABLE

My Job is Troubleshoot and resolve trouble tickets related to technical difficulties with Oracle Database (DBA)

Could You tell me some examples of MEASURABLE objectives related to my specific job (for my individual role)?

Thanks in advance!
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Are you familiar with SMART?

We really cannot set your working goals for you.

Does the group you are assigned to have any metrics?
What metrics is your supervisor rated on?  You should try to put your metrics inline with the supervisor.

Some examples that come to mind to get you started thinking:
-Open/accept new trouble tickets within 'X' minutes of them being filed.
-Resolve tickets in 'X' minutes on average.
      Note:  I would be VERY careful about this one since it is tied to performance and you have no idea how difficult the 'problem' will be.  Just added it as an example that might work in your environment.
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Agree with slightwv, recommend at least two be related to above, but list out as many possible as you can, even other duties (or have fourth objective for 'other', possibly "ten hours training" - self or others). Once you have many objectives identified, reduce list to the more doable, more that you can control and succeed with.

Total resolved
Time to resolve
Time to accept

Try to include priority, or type of ticket. and to limit likely failure
Assess current ability and prior history

Suppose one type of ticket you can usually resolve in an hour, another type takes 4 or more hours. Then you ought be able to do five a day, averaging 4 easy and one difficult.

Resolve ### by end of one quarter (cleanup outstanding) complete ### per quarter.
Resolve ### by end of year.

You can 'improve' during year, starting with lower number, improving that a little each period to demonstrate improving yourself. Beware of trying to reach too high (unreachable goal), or appearing too lackadaisical (lazy).

Accept low priority with 24 hours, high priority within one hour, or at least prior to end of business day
Complete critical within four hours.

Something like that. Check with what company promises, expects
Check with what customer desires and how well they behave in reporting well

* Be able to have them compare favorably both to peers and same period prior year - both lead to being able to enumerate personal improvement and leadership.

Find out who complains most, what the complaints are, and how to deal with them. Note - some are never satisfied, always want to complain. Some would give them higher priority in vain attempt to shut them up. I prefer lowering their priority in order to satisfy more customers more often.

Mitigate with language to discount the exceptionally difficult and poorly reported:

¤ Complete ### tickets in ### time 90% of the time.

See if you can do that for more than one 'type' of ticket.

A problem with counts can be period of no tickets, which should be a good sign that major common problems have been resolved.

3rd (or 4th) objective can be assisting coworkers in troubleshooting or resolving, perhaps take a newbie under your wing.

Lest you get too ambitious, recognize ahead of time that you don't have 40 hr/wk 52 week year just for tickets. There'll like be times for meetings, holidays, vacations, etc. and the unexpected.
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How to write work objectives
Carefully, very carefully...

1) Starting with the overall strategic plan, your goals will be tied to your bosses objectives and goals
2) Ask for an example or copy of the previous objectives
3) Select only achievable goals
4) Be generic as much as possible, give yourself enough space.
There are many examples out there, check up on these
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1) yeah forgot, but 1st check out if coworkers will give a peek. Good to have friends - help each other complete. Both are or can initially be rather sensitive arenas, But with boss it is or can be a situation of sink or swim together.
3),4) while trying to appear 'aggressive' - accepting challenging goal, beware that if it is like increasing productivity over time, the time is likely to extend to next year and the next. and you'll be needing future years to be equally doable. Better to underestimate capability until more experienced in the form of accounting, and repercussions/rewards.

Revisiting "¤ Complete ### tickets in ### time 90% of the time."
Embedding a way to discount the aberrations, think of bell curve, some problems may seem to take forever to fix or pass on. This is one way to take into account (eg do not count, exclude from rest of measured completions)

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