how to secure onedrive

i use onedrive
is ther a way to secure this
currently if a network user browses to my pc via \\pcname\c$
they could access all my docs
and even take a copy of them onto their own pc
can i lock this down
i know i could disable unc network browsing but this stops other apps from function
how can i lock down one drive
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\\pcname\c$ is reserved for administrative access. It means you are using the same admin accounts on all pc's ?
Just never use the admin account (only when needed of course) and have all users have their own username and password on USER level (NOT ADMIN!)
So start with changing all the admin accounts (to something only the admins should know) and then start to migrate all users to user accounts.
dougdogAuthor Commented:
is there no way to restrict just the one drive folder
or set a password
As mentioned above, never use admin accounts to logon on to PC's by default. Always create standard accounts and only use those for day to day work. If you use admin accounts, and those are used all the time, you'll be wide open for viruses, malware, hackers etc. It is also easier to break things by mistake. This is one of the most important things to do when using a PC, besides having a good backup strategy.
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
you refer to the UNC path on a local system though you added the tag of cloud computing and refer to microsoft one drive which is something different

seems your question isn't quite clear
I use OneDrive with my windows 7 windows live email account and it requires a password to access through the Microsoft Account.
With two others here all using windows 7 as well and are admins on their systems they cannot access my OneDrive as they don't have my Microsoft Password.
I suggest you check how you access your OneDrive.
Microsoft account
How do I change my password?
The security of your files in OneDrive
Privacy in OneDrive
Manage who can view or edit your OneDrive files
dougdogAuthor Commented:
you are using one drive by logging directly into the cloud via a browser
you must not have downloaded the local one drive app which lets you use one drive like local storage
one drive is cloud computing hence the tag
what im trying to say here is
if you are using one drive and have opted to download the one drive app for windows it creates a one drive shortcut on your desktop
this allow you to access a local cached copy of your documents stored in one drive
any one with admin access or domain admin access can browse to your pc and access the one drive folder
the question is not around admin access I know all that
im talking about securing the one drive folder on the desktop
obviously in a large company their are going to be a number of users with domain admin access who could access my desktop
Nope I don't use the Onedrive folder on my desktop or on my computer. Never installed it.
That is only necessary for syncing files. I just use the Onedrive online these are copies of my files and once I have sent shared the files I delete them.
Maybe I'm using a different method to you.
I can log in from a web browser
Let me show you how I-we  have it here
What I do is log in from windows live mail, I am logged in with WLM all the time with my ISP password and email address
WLMthen go to view my profile at this step I have to log onto Microsoft account.
Microsoft Sign inThen I see the boxes and open or Onedrive etc
Or if I want to upload files to Onedrive I just open that.
Microsoft account
I take it this is completely different method to you?
What's your email client? dougdog
Is this at work?
I'd talk your administrator about this as you may not have the privileges?
If you don't trust the admins of your company, you should not store any important data on your PC. If not only the admins know the admin accounts and passwords, something is wrong in your company and you should have your IT department reorganized.
dougdogAuthor Commented:
rindi in a company with 20000 employees there are going to be quite a few admins
this is nothing to do with what I asked
merete yes this is a possibility I suppose
but the app allow easy drag and drop facility
I use one drive as my primary storage for personal data
No I don't have that OneDrive, I believe it is installed automatically in my programfiles?
No OneDriveMay I suggest to you that a 1-2 or 4 terrabyte USB drive station makes a marvellous storage place.
I have 4 of them
WD Buffalo USB drive station, never My Books etc.

On Amazon

Even usb flash drive 128gb
dougdogAuthor Commented:
its not cloud storage
it cant be accessed via smart phone via internet café via anywhere
don't have to worry about backups
OneDrive I understand is not Cloud Storage.
OneDrive is part of Windows Live.
You could simply sign up for a Microsoft account that would be your own private outside of the work place and only you can access anywhere from a browser
public and private + SkyDrive windows live
It is the same OneDrive your using.
We have around 15 gig free now but I'd rather keep it offline.
All the games I play with Steam is now fully online and even buying new games is just an electronic download.
Office 365 is cloud storage based.
dougdogAuthor Commented:
i found the solution myself
create a second partition ie a D drive
store the one drive fodler on this drive
set ntfs permissions on the complete drive that only allow myself permission
if anyone tries to unc to this drive they will get an access denied

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if they still have access to \\pcname\c$, it still means everyone is admin. If I was on your network, you just implemented a nice "hide", but it doesn't mean it's not accessible (would take me just a few seconds). It's only logical, admin has access to everything.
You just awarded yourself the answer for "hiding" something, while your original question was to "lock it down".
dougdogAuthor Commented:
how would you access it then?
As an admin, there are so many ways. The most obvious right now is \\pcname\d$.
dougdogAuthor Commented:
this will not work i tested it and you will get an access denied message actually
dougdogAuthor Commented:
the others were not solutions
they did not understand what i was trying to do or what onedrive was
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