I cant send vars via ajax to php file

im having all kinds of problems with trying to send vars to php as post values

I dont really care how its done just that i can get the post values in the post array
i have all the values reading correctly and i can read the values fine in the php post array

i had it working fine and i noticed i was breaking on & symbol in one of my firm_name fields so i said ok ill wrap it in ' and that didnt work so i started to look at jquery ajax calls and as you can see i tried a few different things...
and apparently i really mucked it up as nothings working now. i get popup with values correctly but the send parts not working... it also encodes the string now with % values so thats not the right way... with the shadow thing.
i simply want to send the post values.
also my done thing never fires too to see if it has any returned message, when mysql doesn't like something

any idea on how to fix this please, im seeing double i been trying to work on it so long, i really need to ask for help soon or something.

Thank you in advance for any code or help you may provide

my code so far (really mucked up)
var processURL = "../process_mysql/client_add_process.php";
//var processdata= "{'Location':'"+Location+"','Firm_Name':'"+Firm_Name+"','Geo_Address':'"+Geo_Address+"','Order_Phone':'"+Order_Phone+"','Order_Fax':'"+Order_Fax+"','Billing_Address':'"+Billing_Address+"','Billing_Phone':'"+Billing_Phone+"','Billing_Fax':'"+Billing_Fax+"','Lat_Lng':'"+Lat_Lng+"','CompanyURL':'"+CompanyURL+"'}";
//var processdata= "{'Location':'"+Location+"','Firm_Name':'"+Firm_Name+"','Geo_Address':'"+Geo_Address+"','Order_Phone':'"+Order_Phone+"','Order_Fax':'"+Order_Fax+"','Billing_Address':'"+Billing_Address+"','Billing_Phone':'"+Billing_Phone+"','Billing_Fax':'"+Billing_Fax+"','Lat_Lng':'"+Lat_Lng+"','CompanyURL':'"+CompanyURL+"'}";
var processdata= "{Location:"+Location+",Firm_Name:"+Firm_Name+",Geo_Address:"+Geo_Address+",Order_Phone:"+Order_Phone+",Order_Fax:"+Order_Fax+",Billing_Address:"+Billing_Address+",Billing_Phone:"+Billing_Phone+",Billing_Fax:"+Billing_Fax+",Lat_Lng:"+Lat_Lng+",CompanyURL:"+CompanyURL+"}";
//var params = { width:1680, height:1050 };
//var str = jQuery.param( processdata );
var shallowEncoded = $.param( processdata, true );
var shallowDecoded = decodeURIComponent( shallowEncoded );
alert( shallowDecoded );
      traditional: true,
      url: processURL,
      type: 'POST',
      data: shallowDecoded,
      dataType: "json",
      success: function(msg){
        console.log("returned msg: "+msg);
        $("#post-result").html(msg+"<br><STRONG style='color:red;'>This page will continue to Control Panel in a few seconds!</STRONG>");
      done: function(data){
  	      console.log( "Sample of data:"+data);

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PS i dont want it to send json just width=1680&height=1050 as an example i wan tto read a normal post value please
like this would send please.
//var processURL = "../process_mysql/client_add_process.php?Location="+Location+"&Firm_Name="+Firm_Name+"&Geo_Address="+Geo_Address+"&Order_Phone="+Order_Phone+"&Order_Fax="+Order_Fax+"&Billing_Address="+Billing_Address+"&Billing_Phone="+Billing_Phone+"&Billing_Fax="+Billing_Fax+"&Lat_Lng="+Lat_Lng+"&CompanyURL="+CompanyURL+"";
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greetings Johnny, , I looked at the code for the Jquery Javascript you have here. . Wooo not much there that is correct for it to work. There are thousands of examples and tutorials for jquery ajax on the web now, you may should spend some time doing some example code and learn this.

Most everyone that tries to do ajax is lost at first, even though some say that jquery ajax makes it easy. My view is = ajax is NOT easy to understand!

as to your code, you have an incorrect Ajax Response, as you have TWO returns the first labeled as -
      success: function(msg){
the next as -
      done: function(data){

These are two different "Names" for the same function (the ajax return response), you should have ONE or the OTHER, but not both! The done: function( ) is the most recent, and what I recommend to use.

Now to the Jquery Ajax   data:   send parameter. You can place TWO different things in this, a "String" with the correct URL string for your post, something like this -
    data: "name=Bill%20Smith&phone=555-1212&id=UID33";

OR it can be a Javascript Object, the same as above would look like -
    data: {name : "Bill Smith", phone : "555-1212", id : "UID33"};
please Notice that the Object notation has NO quotations " for all of it, like you try to do -
      var processdata= "{Location:"+Location+",Firm_Name:"+Firm_Name+",Geo_Address:"+Geo_Address+"}";
somewhat correctly might be -
  var processdata= {Location : Location, Firm_Name : Firm_Name , Geo_Address : Geo_Address};
in Object notation (json), the first is the property name-ID, the second is the Value as
{ nameID : "value" }
you never place quotations " around a property name-ID in json for javascript to work.
just a note, your property and value Variable names can get to be confusing, if you use the SAME names, I see it all the time in Ajax  data:, but in more lengthy objects, I Always use a distinctive variable name -
    data:  {location : locationV, firm_Name : firmNameV, geo_address : geoAddressV}
then I can tell the properties from the values.

I do NOT see if you place a value in the variables like  Billing_Phone , you must have that variable with a value.
it is easier for forms if you use   $("#form1").serialize() to get all of the Inputs in to the data:

here is some code I have used -
//I use an Independent (non Jquery) function doPost( ) for development
function doPost( ) {
  var ajxSend = {
    type: "POST",
    url: "jqy-post.php",
    data: $("#form1").serialize(),
    timeout: 3500}
//Get the Debug checkbox to set PHP for NON JSON response
  if($('#check1').prop('checked')) ajxSend.data += "&debug=yes";

  var aj = $.ajax(ajxSend);
  aj.done(function( received ) { // ajax return function
// IMPORTANT, you need to understand what should be SENT and RECEIVED by ajax
  if(typeof(received)=='object'){  //IMPORTANT for DEBUG test for JSON Object
    $('#debug1').html("No DEBUG");// erase the DEbug
    if(received.error) { // test for error response
      alert("ERROR="+received.error+"- php value check Invlaid, "+received.message);
      return; // end ALL JS code
// Format your browser output next in the out1 variable string
    var out1 = "Success as <b>"+received.name2+"</b>, gave "+received.age2+", "+received.email2+" and made it around the ajax operations";
    $('#ajaxRe').html(out1);// load formated ajax response to div
    $('#popup').show(); //show div
	$('#debug1').html("jqXHR output is "+aj.responseText);
    } else { // IMPORTANT for DEBUG, Show the entire Ajax RESPONCE in the debug div
    alert("ERROR- JSON was NOT retutned, see Debug DIV");

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Johnny, I have an example article here that shows the general design pattern.  Hope it helps, ~Ray
JohnnyAuthor Commented:
ok so i read all the replies and redid everything after watching a movie.

i have not had much luck with getting serialize to work right before. I figured i would give it a shot.

the now working code is
var post_str = $( "form" ).serialize();
      url: processURL,
      type: 'POST',
      data: post_str,
      success: function(msg){
        console.log("returned msg: "+msg);
        $("#post-result").html(msg+"<br><STRONG style='color:red;'>This page will continue to Control Panel in a few seconds!</STRONG>");
	   scrollTop: $("#post-result").offset().top

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thanks for the help
JohnnyAuthor Commented:
@Slick812: Thank you for the solution with  $("form").serialize()
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